Friday, September 7, 2012

Freebie Friday: Intro to Listia

If you've been keeping up with my blog, twitter, instagram, etc. than you know how much of a *freebie fanatic* I am. Who doesn't love a no strings attatched freebie? Sure, there are tons of websites and programs out there, where you can receive free products, but more than likely, there is some hidden catch for how you are truly going to receive that item totally free.

I am starting a new series on my blog called Freebie Friday. Freebie Friday will consist of the many free products I receive every so often, with mini reviews, and tips of the free trade. I will have links and other resources available for anyone interested in trying out some of the services. Some services may not be totally 100% free, like Birchbox, but may contain how I used the rewards prgrams to score these goodies. I will ocassionally highlight particular programs of interest for Freebie Friday.  I may also post current freebies up for grabs. I will not post this every Friday, because some weeks I don't receive a lot of products. Also, as many of you know I am busy girl with 2 jobs, and full time college classes.

So for my first Freebie Friday post, I will be introducing Listia.

Listia is a free market place where you can earn virtual currency (credits) to earn free new or used products. Similar to Ebay, you can bid on auctions, and list auctions for other users to bid on. Listing auctions is the best way to earn credits. Auctions can be set any where from 3-10 days, and people bid away. Once an autction has ended, the user ships out the package and within 10 days credits are transferred to the Listian's account. When an auction is listed, the seller determines whether he/she will pay shipping or if the buyer will.

With Listia, each user has XP (experience) points to earn.  XP is basically the scoring system for your user level. XP can be earned by logging in, listing auctions, giving feedback. Badges are also earned when you complete these tasks. Although you do not receive credit for badges or XP, it's a great set up because other users can see that you are an experienced, trustable seller.

There are other ways to earn credits such as, completing surveys, referring friends or sharing auctions. As stated earlier, Listing auctions is the best way to earn credits! I currently have 7,000 + credits and am continuing to save them for something great that comes along.


Adding Free Shipping bears better winning auctions! The first auction I listed did not offer free shipping. That item's highest bid was 605 credits. Later, I listed another item exaclty like it and the highest bid for that was well over 2,000 credits. Shipping cost me less than $3.00 and I'm okay with that because I've won some some pretty awesome items.

Always leave feedback!! This will prompt users to leave feedback for you, which is helpful to both of you because other users will see that both parties are reliable.

Read the entire item and description and ask questions about auctions that you are bidding on. If you know you do not want to pay shipping for items, then make sure you read the details to know if that seller is paying shipping or not. If not, you may be unsatisfied with the auction results and you may lose credits doing so.

Use the "Watchlist" feature to stay on top of your game. Listia will email you notifications that auctions in your watchlist are ending soon. I've won many auctions using this and the iPhone App.

Refer friends! Referring friends gives you 500 Credits!! How easy is that?

So now that you know what Listia is, check out some of my lucky winnings!


Pictures from right to left: Pur Minerals All Over Bronzing Glow Powder, Susan Bates Plastic Crochet Hooks, Crochet Bag Pattern, Flower Headband Crochet Pattern.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can find me on Listia by clicking HERE!

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