Note: Most of these programs reward me with referral points if my personal link is used. If you are uncomfortable with that, feel free to research the programs yourself and see how awesome they really are.  

 October 2014
 Birchbox is another beauty subscription service that costs a low, flat fee of $10/month. This service sends handpicked beauty and lifestyle samples straight to your door and also has many benefits of joining such as the Birchbox Points Program, convenient shopping for full sized products at the Birchbox Shop, and lovely emails with tips and tricks, not only for the products you received, but every day useful beauty tips. There is a waiting list so sign up fast to reserve your spot.
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Inbox Dollars is a unique survey program that rewards with monetary values in exchange for surveys completed. Once you have accumulated a minimum of $30, you request your payment. The company will send you a debit card with your name stated on it. This card can be used at any retailer that accepts VISA cards.
However, be careful when completing particular task because you can receive  a lot of spam mail. Use common sense when using this site.
Also by using my referral link (below) you will start with a $5 sign on bonus!

This site is my FAVORITE of any of the sites I have shared here. Harris Poll is the most legitimate survey site I have ever used. Joining is free and open to anyone.
Once you have joined, emails will be sent to you several times a week about various topics. Surveys are typically worth 100-150 points and can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to complete. Points can then be used for e-gift cards for retailers such as Amazon, Old Navy, Target, etc. I've been a member since I was 15 and have redeemed numerous cards. I do not receive referral points for this program, but I HIGHLY SUGGEST anyone to become a member.

Sircle Samples is a free sampling service where you earn virtual currency by participating within their site to purchase samples from their sample shop.  Some common ways to earn your virtual currency, or sircle coins, are by completing your profile, daily surveys, reviewing your purchased products, and referring friends.  Samples range from high end names to new small businesses.

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Is That Odd

 Is that Odd created Sircle Samples. They are very similar. ITO gives more opportunities to earn points through what are called Oddstracts. You can post Oddstracts on anything and everything and earn "Odd Coins" that can be redeemed for products. This is also free to join.
Listia is a free market place where you can earn virtual currency (credits) to earn free, new, or used products. Similar to EBay, you can bid on auctions and list auctions for other users to bid on. Listing auctions is the best way to earn credits. Auctions can be set anywhere from 3-10 days, and people bid away. Once an auction has ended, the user ships out the package and within 10 days credits are transferred to the Listian's account. When an auction is listed, the seller determines whether he/she will pay shipping or if the buyer will.  Join Listia Here

Smiley360 is a social media community where you can connect with brands and sample products while connecting with those brands and Smiley360 on your social networks. At Smiley360 your voice can be heard. 
Periodically, Smiley360 will send emails informing you of the new missions that are available to join. Once you have joined a mission, you will then share your experiences and interactions with others about the product(s) yo have received. Join Smiley360 Today

Klout is an website that takes your social influence and creates a score based on the social networking sites you've connected with your Klout account. You can then interact with other user and give them +K in topics that they've influenced you in. Klout then offers free Perks based off the topics in which you have a high score. Klout is free to join. For more Info Check out some of my related posts:

Crowdtap is an innovative company that allows people to work directly with leading businesses in the promoting, designing and testing of products or services. Being a member of Crowdtap is a great way to influence the decisions of big corporations and is very rewarding- in many ways. 

Once you are a Crowdtap Member you can perform many activities on the site that allow you to collect points. Once you have a certain amount of points you can cash those points in as donations to your selected charity or use them on gift cards for online stores such as Amazon. Crowdtap is free to join.

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