Monday, April 30, 2012

MyGlam: March & April

Yes, I am VERY late in posting both month's MyGlam bags. Reason being, is that I really didn't feel March was even worth talking about but after seeing others post about it, and others talk about how they want it, I feel you should all know how inconsistent these beauty subscription services can be at times. March and April are prime examples of the inconsistency. So, I'll Jump right in. (Beware this is pic heavy)


 <-- Contents of the bag.
 Monthly card listing and description

Here we have the Dermstore Care Package: Dermstore  $25 Gift Card, Pur-lisse Moisturizer, Murad Eye Lift Protector 

Left picture is one the "Foundational Elements" that each glammie rec'd., which could be 3LAB Cleansing Foam, Murad Bronzing Boost, OR Pur-lisse Lip Nourisher <--what I received.

 Here we have the Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment. This product protects, strengthens, and hydrates ALL hair types. Each package can get 2-4 uses.

 And lastly, we have a MyGlam Exclusive Classic Crease Brush && Case. This was hand selected by Michelle Phan herself, from her recent trip to Hong Kong. I LOVED this item. I need brushes. I have very few because of my budget. The case was a little cheap but hey I have a case for new brush now. And little did I know April's bag contained 2 more exclusive brushes!

So I rate March's Bag a 5/10. It seemed to be lacking. I loved the Crease Brush & Case, and the Pur-lisse Nourishing Lip Treatment has treated me fairly well. As for the other products, they were a bit of a bore. I did accidentally receive two Dermstore Care packages, but those items were my LEAST favorite. The "gift card" was simply a coupon. Receive amazing gift cards is one thing, but to find out there are a mere coupon is frustrating. Why bother? Anyhow, onto the April bag.


<--- Contents of April's bag

Description of each item -->

 Here we have the All-Belle Eyelashes. I think these are gorgeous and perfect for a special night with my honey. They are faux lashes and included glue, which is a great perk since I currently don't have an glue.

 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil. I received the color "Perversion" which is a great staple to have. This really does glide on so smooth. It last, and this item alone pays for the whole bag.
All Over Eyeshadow Brush and Eyeliner Brush. Two more exclusive brushes to add to the MyGlam collection. Another great item for the bag. I need brushes like I said before and these are great beginner brushes.

DermStore Lip Quench-Moistuire Infused Lip Treatment. This treatment softens and soothes lips. It's very pretty and can be used on anyone. It has a nice sheer pink tint. The only complaint I have is not toward the products itself, but its very similar to the Pur-Lisse Nourishing Treatment I received Last Month.

I rate Aprils bag 10/10. There is not one item i don't like. I like everything. and I will use everything, However, after recieving this bag I am astonished at the major difference between March and April's contents. As you can see, April's bag had more cosmetics and March's was more skin oriented. There were several emails saying MyGlam "listened" to us. And apparently they did, but I am not holding my breath. I will see whats up for May. And please don't think I am complaining. It is my choice to purchase a bag every month. I just want everyone to see the inconsistency of each months bag. I will continue my subscription to see.

So what do you think? Are you a subscriber? Whether or not you are, do you see the inconsistencies, or are satisfied? Let me know what you think please!

xoxo mattabellax3

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Klout & Perks

Klout is the go to place for measuring an individuals/companies Social Influence, using a number of variables such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Wordpress, etc. Klout measures your True Reach, Amplification, and Network Source and then analyzes your impact into a score from 1-100. A high Klout score is considered to be around the 20's. That may sound strange but the Klout score is more difficult to raise as you go on. 

  • True Reach: How many people you influence.
  • Your True Reach is the number of people you influence. Klout will filter out spam and bots and focus on the people who are acting on your content. When you post a message, these people tend to respond or share it.

  • Amplification: How much you influence them
  • Your Amplification is how much you influence people. When you post a message, how many people respond to it or spread it further? If people often act upon your content you have a high Amplification score.

  • Network Impact: The influence of your network
  • Your Network indicates the influence of the people in your True Reach. How often do top Influencers share and respond to your content? When they do so, they are increasing your Network score.

Basically Klout helps you understand your influence as well as others. With Klout, you can increase that influence and well as spread it! I've interacted with many of my twitter followers that I never tweeted with before!

About +K's
When visiting a peer's profile, you can give them +K about a topic in which they have influenced you, helping the overall Klout score. Giving influencers +K is the best way to acknlowledge their influence. And it's public to them, making it easier for them to +K you back!

About Klout Perks:
You can use Klout to earn perks. Perks are nice "gifts" given exclusively to test and review. There are hundreds of brands who offer perks via Klout. Perks are given to specific influencers based on topics in which they have a high rating.  Perks also allow the user to interact with the brands. 

I've been using Klout for about two weeks and I have already been selected to accept a perk. The perks I was offered is the New Lipton Tea & Honey. I will receive 10 samples Lipton Tea & Honey Mango Pineapple Iced Green Tea mix. When Accepting a perk there is always a disclosure you must post when sharing and code of ethics to follow. 

So there you have it, Klout the latest social networking trend. Are you on Klout already? If so, have you accepted any perks? If not, are you going to join the fun?

You can join me on Klout and add me as an influencer HERE.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Birchbox

Here are the cards included in April's Birchbox:

 And, here is my review:

As you can see, the theme this month is Natural Wonders. I rate this box 8/10.

 My favorite item is the Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer and my lest favorite item is the Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil. 

I have never used a tinted moisturizer before and this was everything I could want it to be. This moisturizer is a primer and sheer foundation with SPF 20 included, it is going to my beauty staple. I was very hesitant and bummed at first, because the shade I received was "medium," and I have an olive/tan tone, so I didn"t think this would work. Well, I tried it anyhow, and what do you know?! It's perfect. I guess I shouldn't jump the gun so fast! It added a nice finish to face and really blended my imperfections (blemishes/scarring). I'm very careful with what I choose for my facial skin because most products tend to cause breakouts, or I can't find the right tone to match. Luckily this product did it all. I'm ordering the full size from Birchbox. It's priced at $34 for 1.7 oz. It is a bit pricey for my wallet, but I have a nice collection of Birchbox points racked up.

The Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes are just as great. They are perfect for a quick make up remover at the end of the day. I know that it seems like a waste to use a brightening towelette at the end of the day, but that is when I would get the most use. I also used when I was running late one morning, so it wasn't a total waste. ;) The pack I received included 8 towelettes, and this is another item I plan to buy. It is priced at $7.99 for a pack of 30. I'm happy to see something more affordable offered in my box this month!

The Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanse was alright. I've had a lot of experience using exfoliators so I'm not really excited or shocked when trying another. Another reason I'm just blah about this product is because it is priced $16 for 30 mL. I know that's not crazy, but come on, times are tough.

The Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil and Facial Lotion were just "alright" also. As I said before, I'm VERY particular with the products I'm using on my face. This lotion was a bit to greasy for my combination/oily skin. The oil can be used on the skin and hair, so I plan to use it on my elbows, ankles, knees, etc. (all those rough patches on my body) There is not enough for the long length of my hair. These items are NOT budget friendly. The oil is priced at $36 for 30 ml, while the lotion is priced at $62 for 50 mL

And lastly, the Wonderstruck Taylor Swift fragrance is AMAZING! It is sexy, and feminine. Great for Day and night. Only downside I find, is the price, which is $59.50 for 3.4 oz. 

I must say, I am sick of receiving these itty bitty samples of fragrances. I understand I only pay $10 but I can get these samples at the beauty counter, my cosmopolitan, or the spray testers at retailers. I really want to try something else. If I do get a fragrance, I at least want it to be the spray kind, not the bottle with the lid. Those are hard to apply. 

So there you have it, my review for April's "Natural Wonders" Birchbox. Let me know what you think of my box, and I would love to hear about yours! 

If you're not a subscriber and want to get on the waiting list, simply click HERE.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Brand Challenges Prizes from Influenster

As promised, my Brand Challenge prizes have both came in! Influenster promised that I would receive special prizes for unlocking the XOut Breakout badge and the Broadway Nails badge. 

In case you are living under rock and unfamiliar with Influenster, I will explain.

Influenster is a community for trendsetters like myself, to explore new brands. Once you make an account you start "unlocking" lifestyle brands by filling out a few questionnaires. Once you have done so, Influenster will send out what they a "VoxBox" filled with random goodies for you to review and promote via social media. Influenster decide who gets a VoxBox based on the lifestyle badges that you have unlocked.
Once you receive your VoxBox, you simply start testing the products. You must  login to your Influenster account and check your VoxBox in so they know you have recieved and are testing it.

After testing these products, you can choose to unlock each Brand Challenge. And now your wondering what is this Brand Challenge I am speaking of?? Well, the Brand Challenge is for each item in the VoxBox. In order to "unlock" each, you must follow certain steps and each is different. Most require to follow the brand on social networks, write on their Facebook wall, post pictures, and most importantly review the item individually via blogging or YouTube. 
Once you have completed and unlocked each brand challenge youre good to go! Some Brand Challenges offer free prizes to every Influenster who unlocks the badge, and some offer prizes to the lucky few. So when reveiwing each item, make sure you give it some extra creativity and spunk.

After you have taken part in everything mentioned above, Influenster will post a survey on your account to fill out. Surveys are mandatory. It lets them know what you thought about each product, and must be completed in order for you to receive another VoxBox.
And before i forget to mention, In between all the testing and reviewing, Influenster will have a twitter party for you to connect with them and other Influensters. i enjoy this because i get to meet other Influensters and see what they had to say.
So with that being said, here are the items I received for unlocking the Brand Challenges from the Holiday VoxBox:

Xout Breakout:

I will say I was promised the Shine Control but instead received a Cleansing Body Bar. I'm, not upset by this because I got to try the Shine Control from my February MyGlam bag. I really like that product by the way! This gives me another opportunity to try more from this brand! The bar has a soft texture with some sort of exfoliator and it has a nice fresh scent.  

Broadway Nails:

I recieved (as promised) 2 imPress Press on Manicures, (1 solid, 1 design) plus another Kiss Nail Dress Kit. 

All in All, Im very satisfied with these items! and It was a pleasure working so hard to receive them. 

Have you tried any of the products? If you're an Influenster, have you received your brand challenge? 

If your not already signed up for Influenster do so HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2012

BzzAgent Campaign: Gucci Flora Garden Collection

I have Finally been accepted to participate in a Bzzagent campaign. I will receive generous samples of each scent to share with the special women of my life. In order to participate, BzzAgent has particular guidelines they have each agent follow. The guidelines are as follow:

Word of mouth needs to be honest, open and sincere — it just doesn't work otherwise. So every time you share about a product, online or off, be sure you:

Let people know you're a BzzAgent and received samples

Give them your honest, hype-free opinion

Follow the BzzAgent Code of Conduc

Description of each Fragrance from BzzAgent:

Inspired by one of Gucci's most iconic designs, Flora by Gucci: The Flora Garden Collection is a bouquet of refined eau de toilettes, designed to express the multi-faceted personality and depth of emotion of every woman. Gorgeous, Gracious, Glamorous - each fragrance is distinct, yet together all the scents embody the beauty and allure of Gucci's renowned Flora pattern, originally designed for the charismatic Princess Grace in 1966. Explore each bloom, and express your loveliness, with Flora by Gucci.

• Flora by Gucci: The Flora Garden Collection is available in three distinct floral fragrances:

• Gorgeous Gardenia: A sparkling prelude of succulent red berries and juicy pear gives way to an opulent floral heart

• Gracious Tuberose: A verdant overture of violet leaves and peach softens into the plant's silken blossom

• Glamorous Magnolia: A brilliant opening of buoyant freesia, zest and green leaves yields to a tactile fusion of peony and magnolia

With that being said, stay tuned for future posts with pictures off what is sent in my BzzKit!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress Kit

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes. This item came from the Love Vox Box. My opinion has in no way been persuaded. These are my honest and genuine thoughts.
Information about the Kiss Nail Dress Kit:
  • Can be used on your finger tips and toes. (use rounded side for fingers and square for the toes!)
  • Comes with 28 strips in each package
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Easy to apply and remove. (To apply: simply peel, press on, and shape. To remove: simply peel off with no remover!)
  • Available in 18 different styles
  • No topcoat needed!! It is already built in the Dress Kit!
  • Can be used on top of polished OR artificial nails! Including the ImPress Broadway Nails!
  • The Nail Dress does not dry out like others, so it can be saved and used for future manis/pedis. (How green is that?)
  • Also, there is a booklet included providing examples of different designs to try with the Nail Dress Kit!
The Kiss Nail Dress Kit is retailing for approximately $6.99 ate establishments such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens! SO get your hand on this frugal fashion find!!
Visit the Kiss product website  to learn more!

So here is nice close up of the design I received and the Design booklet included.

My Experience With the Kiss Nail Dress Kit: 

When I first saw these I thought they were a great idea. I just loved the different designs available. I received the pattern “BodySuit” which you can above below. 
They went on pretty easy. It’s just like pressing a sticker on your nail bed! I added a clear top coat (Even thought it is NOT required) to help make them last longer. They have a “3D” effect so it appears as if I spent a lot of time adding the different colors, metallics and glitters. They were so simple I’m almost positive my 10 years old neice will be able to apply them herself! (Especially since I’m Getting her a kit for her Easter basket) I was impressed and surprised to see that they lasted up to and beyond the 10 days they guaranteed. I used them on my toes, and they were so easy to maintain. I’ve never tried Jamberry Nails, or the Sally Hansen kind either, so I am thrilled to have received them in my Love Vox Box. 
I rate this product a 10/10 simply because of the Ease of Use and how little time it takes to have such a banging design on your nails! I will be purchasing the Kiss Nail Dress Kit  like I said for my neice and for my self since they don’t break the bank!!

If you haven’t already signed up Influenster be sure to do so HERE to receive great products like this

Monday, April 9, 2012

Birchbox: December, January & February


December 2011 Birchbox
Products Included:
Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink
Showstoppers® Designer Fashion Tape in Nude/Black
Benefit The POREfessional

 Prodigieuse® OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer

Atelier Cologne Ambre Nue Cologne Absolue
EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster

Birchbox gave me 100 extra points this month because they were slightly late! Thank you Birchbox!!
So I tried the Benefit POREfessional minimizing creme and I kind of like it. it soft and really does minimize my pores. I used it on my nose because that area is obvious on me, I got about 5-6 uses so I was happy with this item. I also tried the Jouer lip gloss and I love that the color was Birchbox pink. I think this color can be used on ANYONE. You can wear it as a pretty pale shimmery pink or build it up for that sexy hot pink. 

I rate this box 8/10. I still have to try the other products, but I'm just happy I have NEW products to try!


LÄRABAR Mini Bars - Coconut Cream Pie
The only product I’ve tried before from this box us the LARABAR Mini Bar in Chocolate Chip Dough. I had the pleasure of testing that through Influenster’s VoxBox Program. I’m excited to try another flavor because I thoroghly enjoyed the bar I tried. LARABAR Mini Bars are made with all natural ingredients, meaning they are super healthy!! YAY.
The product I’m most excited to try is the Stila Smudge Stick Liner. I’ve played around with since the moment I saw it, and I’m almost positive this will become a staple. Its so soft, and seems as if it would be long lasting. Only time will tell.
Viva La Juicy smells AMAZING! I’ve never owned or tried any Juicy Couture product so this was a nice suprise. It’s very girly and kind of has a lively feel to it.
The Jouer Body Butter has a delightful, natural smell. I took a dab and put it on my hand, and it has the feel of sunscreen. :/ But I’m not totally throwing this one out. I want to give it a chance because I may end up enjoying this product.

After trying: Stila Smudge Stick is AWESOME! It brings out my brown eyes and looks great with my dark hair and olive/tan skin! The Larabar was alright, I'm not a big coconut fan but it wasn't too bad. I really want to try more flavors. And of course, I have yet to try the other products. I really take my Birchbox for granted and never seem to find time for the skin products. I really prefer cosmetics over skin care items.

I rate this box 4/10 The only item I guess I really enjoyed was the Stila Smudge Stick. I use this about 3 times week. 


BLK DNM Perfume 11 - Remind of pine needles or the woods. It’s a spicy scent. In my opinion, it’s not for me.
Exude Lip Creme - Very minty smelling. I received the color CORAL. Leaves lips moisturized and soft after it wears off.
Eye Rock Designer Liner - stick on liner strips for one times use. I received 4 different styles. I cant wait to try!
La Fresh - Nail Polisher Remover. Tuscan orange scent. This item I can go without.
Lifestyle Extras:

Heart Shape Nail File

Digital Download of the GREEN RIVER ORDINANCE, who are an Indie Rock Band from Texas. I do love me some great Indie Tunes so this bonus is awesome for me.

At first glance, my favorite item is the EYE ROCK liner, and my least favorite is the La Fresh Nail Polish Remover. That is, until I try the products!

So After trying, I LOVE the LA Fresh nail polish remover! It smelled great! I love a citrus smell and it was very soothing to my toenails. I have yet to download the GRO tracks, so I really need to get on that if there is still time. The Exude Lip Creme is nourishing and the color is very nice on my lips, and goes well with my skintone. I haven;t used the nail file. It's basically junk so I was bummed with that item. I'm waiting to use the EYE ROCK  liner for a special evening out. I'm weird i know :)

I rate this box 10/10. I really enjoyed the items I did try and look forward to trying the other items I haven't tried yet. This box was great for a first look!

My Experiences with Birchbox

So I've subscribed to Birchbox since August 2011. I read about in my monthly Cosmopolitan and signed up right away. I really enjoy getting my box each month. Its a nice surprise and there's always new products for me to try. Some months aren't as great but that's expected. You can't like everything. I will continue my membership as always and look forward to future boxes. My goal (for the April box) is to try EVERYTHING before the month is over. I tend to collect the items instead of actually using them all. SO here's to the future months ahead with Birchbox.

Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Diamond Eye Liner

I just recently bought the Glimmersticks Diamond Eye Liner from Avon. I bought these myself and everything I’m writing is my honest opinion only.
Info about the GLIMMERSTICKS:
  • Regular price is $7.00 (I purchased mine on sale 3/$9.99)
  • There are 8 different shades including Golden Diamond, FlashyCopper, Sparkling Silver, Brown Glow, Sugar Plum, Emerald Glow, Twilight Sparkle,  & Black Ice.
  • Retractable
  • Self-sharpening (<— My favorite aspect!)
  • .01 oz net 
  • Ingredients are listed on the Avon website.
My Thoughts on the GLIMMERSTICKS Diamond Eye Liner:
  • Super soft, and VERY easy to apply. I mean super easy! This is a really simple and affordable liner to try for someone who is learning to master the technique of eye liner.
  • I really like the colors I purchased. They look great on me. (Olive to tan skin)
  • With primer, the eye liner has lasted ALL day on my lid. And it comes off easily at night with make-up remover.
  • For me, the sparkle amount is perfect because I’m not one to walk around like Lady Gaga. 
  • The glitter does not fall.
  • The eye liner does not smear.
Overall, I will continue to use and purchase the GLIMMERSTICKS Diamond Eyeliner.  Below are pictures to see the the actual stick and colors.
Colors from top to bottom:
  • Golden Diamond G501
  • Emerald Glow G71
  • Twilight Sparkle G42
  • Flashy Copper G102
  • Sugar Plum G111
  • Black Ice G07