Monday, July 2, 2012

Why I Cancelled MyGlam/Collective Review

This has not been a post that I've been looking forward to writing. I hate to bring negativity to my corner of the web,  but I feel I need to share the reasons why I chose to discontinue my relationship with MyGlam. If you are interested in knowing why I cancelled, then continue to read along. Please note that everything stated is MY OPINION and I am totally entitle to that. I cancelled for my reasons only and I am not bad talking MyGlam in any way.

In January 2012, I saw Youtuber's reviewing this amazing Subscription Service which offered products from Urban Decay, Tarte, and NYX, for the flat fee of $10. This service includes 4-5 deluxe samples along with a small cosmetics bag. This service was a bit different because it was created by popular YouTube Guru Michelle Phan, who has created many video Tutorials for a broad range of make up looks and hairstyles. MyGlam even posts "Sneak Peeks" via Twitter/Facebook to excite the subscribers. It really does give us a lot to talk about!

I was already subbed to Birchbox, and had no intentions of cancelling that, so I figured why not give it a try? I figured I'd be much more satisfied with this service than Birchbox because the products were amazing, and true to the "deluxe" size that many of these subscription service companies claim to provide. I immediately joined the waiting list and could not wait to get my February Bag.  Here is each bag so far that MyGlam has sent out:


1Small cosmetics bag
Mai Couture Blush Paper-Package including 100 sheets FULL SIZE
Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow: FULL SIZE
Tarte Light Camera Lashes Mascara: DELUXE SIZE
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: DELUXE SIZE


Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Masque - FULL SIZE
Sheer Cover Duo Concealer - FULL SIZE
Wen Cleansing Conditioner - Deluxe Sample
TheBalm Shady Lady Eyeshadow or Hot Ticket Nail Polish -FULL SIZE

Both December and January seem totally worth $10. Unfortunately that is not the case. The products are worth the money, but the shipping/order problems did not seem worth the hassle. Many subscribers for the month of January did not even receive a bag! The money was deducted from the account but no bag arrived! Shipping labels were also mixed up, accounts were randomly cancelled. The people who did receive their bags, I'm sure were delighted, however, there was a horrible delay in the shipping. Some subscribers went through  much hassle to even receive their money back. MyGlam was not responding to emails, tweets, or Facebook inquiries.  Knowing this, I still signed up for the waiting list because MyGlam had put out statements everywhere saying they have since fixed these issues. I will say I NEVER experienced any of these problems. I cancelled for other reasons.

So onto the bags I actually received:

Happy Valentine's Day
February 2012 MyGlam Bag (Taken with instagram)Contents: X Out Shine Control - Oil free moisturizer with a mattifying complex. I’ve tried the face wash from Xout so I was very pleased to have this in my bag. (Even though I will be receiving the shine control from Influenster)NYX Roll On Shimmer - Eye, face, and body shimmer. I’ve never tried a NYX product so again, I’m pleased to have received this. I’m not a total fan of body shimmer but I’m definitely willing to give this a try.Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask - Luxury skin are rich in life enhancing minerals from the Dead Sea Water. I’m a bit excited for this product because I’m always on the prowl for facial skin products. I’ve never heard of this brand or type of product so I’m  more than happy to try this out.$100 Gift Card for Nume Styling Tools and Hair Extensions - I’ve never had hair extensions so this item is just awesome. What’s NOT SO AWESOME is that every item from Nume is $100++++Freeman Mask Sachet - Skin mask in Goji Berry. I’ve never tried anything from Freeman’s, so again, I’m more than delighted to try. Bonus/Extra Item - Ghirardelli Chocolate squares in Dark and Milk chocolate. I have a terrible sweet tooth :-) and of course a cute pink cosmetic bag with black hearts.All in all, I give this bag a 7/10, only because the first bag is what seemed to have enticed every person I’ve heard talking about MyGlam to sign up, including myself. But for $10, what can I say. The total value of the bag is over $100 simply because of the gift card. So I will keep subscribed and look forward to future bags.

Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask - FOIL PACKET
X Out Shine Control - FULL SIZE
NYX Roll On Shimmer  - FULL SIZE
Freeman Beauty Facial Hydration Mask - FOIL PACKET
$100 Gift Card for Nume Styling Tools and Hair Extension
Bonus/Extra Item - Ghirardelli Chocolate squares in Dark and Milk chocolate

 I did like the NYX Roll on Shimmer, but I have only used it twice. I have used the Shine Control once or twice as well. The Freeman Beauty Facial Mask & the Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask are NOT "deluxe" sized samples. Also, why would they send similar types of products int he same month? The $100 "Gift Certificate" ended up being a coupon. When using a Gift Card, you should not have to spend a certain amount to get a discount, which is what this "gift card" happens to be.  Everything Nume sells is retailing over $100 and the products do not seem to be great quality. This "Gift Card" was considered one of our items, which is totally unfair in my opinion! It should have been considered an extra because it was a coupon, not a sample of a product. The Bag was a bit cheaply made. I know this because I've purchased bags at the Dollar Tree and they were the same quality as this.

 I was totally unhappy with February's bag because the samples were not "deluxe" sized and the Gift Card was a scam. I still kept my subscription going because I had faith in MyGlam to give us a great month.

Repair & Restore

Murad Eye Lift Protector - FOIL PACKET
Pur-Lisse Essential Daily Moisturizer - FOIL PACKET
$25 Dermstore Gift Card - Must purchase at least $50 to receive $25 off
Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment - FOIL PACKETS
Glammie Classic Crease Brush & Brush Case 
Pur-Lisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher - FULL SIZE

So again, this month inlcuded a "Gift Card" aka Coupon as an actual sample. Also included were many foil packets and 1 full size product being the Pur-Lisse Lip Nourisher. This month started the My Glam Exclusive Brush Collection and Case. The *bag* itself (not the contents) has been my favorite so far.

This month many subscribers complained about a weird chemical smell in their bags. Mine did have the smell, but that wasn't  total loss. It more odd than anything.

In my opinion this all seemed rather inexpensive for MyGlam to send us. Foil packets are not worth my $10. The "exclusive" brush nd case was a unique thought and I appreciate that. I use the Crease brush a lot and appreciate that item, but March's bag was still a huge disappointment. With the last two month being rather cheap and disappointing, I still kept my subscription going. Why? I didn't want to miss out on the great months!

Girl's Night Out

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil: DELUXE SIZE
All-Belle False Lashes - 1 SET
Dermstore Lip Quench - FULL SIZE
MyGlam Exclusive All-Over Eyeshadow Brush & Eyeliner Brush

This was the first month I really enjoyed. The lashes are so amazing and perfect for a night out! I will be using these for a special event in the near future. I've read reviews and they seem to be quality lashes. The eyeliner is from UD, a trustable, quality brand and the size is true to being "Deluxe Size." The Lip Quench seems rather inexpensive but I like it and use it frequently. The smell is kind of fruity with a bit citrus in it, but it's tolerable and it's a perfect sheer/shimmer pink. Nothing too overbearing. The brushes I use almost everyday. The bag was also cute, although I gave it away. This is what I was looking for in Myglam; a bag full of goodies that's worth my $10 and would get used, not pile up.

Love is in the Air

Philosophy: Love Sweet Love Fragrance - SMALL VIAL
Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick: FULL SIZE
Miss Beauty Nail Bling: 1 SET
Exclusive MyGlam Concealer Brush and Defining Eyeliner Brush

Another Huge dissapointment, was the May MyGlam Bag. None of the items have been used yet. I absolutely HATE getting perfume samples. I can get them at any counter, or website FREE of charge. I hate paying towards one! The Lipstick was the color Enchanting, a dull purple/pink that was maybe hot in the late 80's early 90's. This color isn't even listed on the Studio Gear website? It does enhance the natural color of my lips, but it is super boring.  The Nail Bling kit looks super cheap, and they must be cut to fit my nails. I will never use them because they seem a bit childish for my liking. The brushes have not been used because i cannot tell which brush is which. The bag was cute, but the quality was the same as Feb's which is similar to what can be found at the Dollar Tree.

So this month was a dister for me when thinking of the products. They have yet to be used and I cannot give them away because I would feel embarrassed. So again I continued my subscription in hopes of another great month.

Out All Night

NYX Round Lipstick: FULL SIZE
Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Moisturizer: DELUXE SIZE
Living Proof Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream: DELUXE SIZE
Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen: FULL SIZE

With 2 full size samples and 2 deluxe size samples, the June MyGlam Bag has blown me away! The bag did have a fish like smell, butafter airing it out for a few days the smell went away. It's so chic and I plan to use for a night out. I am using and LOVING each item dearly, but I decided to let my subscription go. I spent a total of 5 month with MyGlam being disappointed, then randomly satisfied and that is not what I'm looking for in a subscription service. 

I have heard many subscribers complain about those who complain about MyGlam asking why we stay subscribed? I asked myself that. My answer was that I did not want to miss out on a good month. However, those good months rarely occured. I do not want to receive foil packets where I can barely get any use, or "gift cards" (coupons) as a sample. MyGlam has not been consistent in sending out Deluxe Size Samples, although they advertise to do so. 

I look at every sub service in this manner: Would I buy these items for $10 at the store? Most likely, no. Granted I really enjoyed April and June's samples, what about the months in between? That $30 could have been towards a few more useful products or 1 amazing high end product.

MyGlam does not have a Beauty Profile/Questionaire to get to know it's subscribers. How can 1 color/shade of a product work for most of it's subscribers. I like that other sub services provide those.

Also, MyGlam has no other great qualities like a points program or a referral program. Sure I've been receiving emails lately to purchase the full size products, but it's not through MyGlam, therefore there is no points program. Essentially that is no deal breaker, but it did help me decide whether or not to cancel my membership. 

MyGlam customer service has been a bit rocky. Contacting them is a difficult. The MyGlam's CS Twitter has reached out to me asking for Feedback after reading previous posts of their bags, but why should I have to send an email, if the team already read my feedback?

More reasons why I chose Birchbox and Cravebox over MyGlam:
  • Birchbox has their amazing Points Program, where you can earn free products, and double the points, along with referral points! You can read bout that HERE. 
  • Emails are constantly being sent out about the products you received and videos how to implement them into your beauty routine.
  • Birchbox also has YouTube Channel where can learn tons of tips and tricks not only using the products you received.
  • Birchbox offers amazing customer service via their Website, Twitter, and Facebook. The team is so friendly and available to answer your questions,
  • Birchbox also has a "Beauty Profile" where you can answer questions about your skin type, skin tone, hair color, etc. so that they are able to provide you with samples that will work for you.
  • The samples are typically deluxe size including many full sized products.
  • The samples are typically deluxe size including many full sized products.
  • The Cravebox Customer Service is amazing as well and they are super friendly and ready to answer any questions you may have. They will never leave you're questions unanswered,
  • Cravebox has Twitter Parties that ANYONE can participate in. They offer tons of prizes including Cravebox's and gift baskets from the brands showcased in that months box. I actually won a Tree Hut Gift Basket and am so anxious to receive it! 
  • Cravebox offers Limited Edition Boxes such as the "Summer Spruce Up" Box.
  • Cravebox is a Lifestyle Subscription Box and can include a multitude of products including beauty products, food, personal care items, etc.
So with all that being said, I have finally cancelled my subscrption with MyGlam. Yes it was so difficult, but I could not allow myself to pay for items I can rarely or never use. I can honestly say if it starts looking better, I will join the waiting list again, but for now I will watch what they offer.

I apologize for such a lenghty review, but I really wanted everyone to actually see what the bags were like and why I made the choice I did. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading!


  1. I don't blame you for cancelling I have been on the verge of it myself. You know how I am tho I keep hoping it will get better lol ;) I think you were very fair in your reviews on their bags and they have indeed had many hiccups since they started. I don't think they have put out any bag yet that could hold a candle to their first one. Looking forward to seeing more cravebox reviews from you!

    1. I'm so happy no one had taken offense to this post! I was not happy with this service 100% and it was still a difficult decision to make. I'm excited to post about Cravebox! Thank you, it means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog!

  2. I canceled mine recently as well. I kept waiting (like you) for the great bags they had when I first got on their waiting list. But was disappointed overall. I had canceled my Birchbox before MyGlam, as I kept getting broken, leaky products, and while they sent replacements, it was getting to be more hassle than it was worth. I'm looking for something new now to keep me interested other than KlutchClub.

    1. I've had minor problems with Birchbox as well. I've received dirty containers, almost empty containers, and I wrote to them to give feedback. They appreciated that and awarded me with a few extra points. I didn't care about the points, I just wanted them to know. I'm looking forward to seeing what bags come out from MyGlam.

    2. I must look into to Klutch Club! Sounds so interesting!

  3. I just wrote like 1 million words and it got erased lol. k. Ima try again. This is a really great review and I love it. I swear we were meant to meet each other, because I just wrote a long review on these three services (in one post) and I have been debating whether or not to post it for the last 2 days. It's ok to not totally, omg love something; most things aren't perfect. Ok, to the point: I loved the December and January bags the most, even though I didn't receive the January bag--still liked it. Out of my Feb-June bags, June was my favorite. I really was disappointed with the March bag... I'm completely down with you on the whole "I'm paying for it, so I don't want free/tiny samples" idea. I think they set their own standard too high with the Dec Bag--they couldn't live up to that bag, again. It's not good to fall short of your own standard. I wish that there were more bags like that one, though, because it really turned a lot of people onto Urban Decay, Tarte etc. I purchased products from both of those companies after receiving that Dec Bag. The publicity & excitement is good for the companies that participate in these services, so they should put their best face (product) forward and bring people in with their awesomeness--not turn people away with their tiny packets. This was a great review; you're an excellent writer.

    1. OMG I've done that so many times! Thank you for the compliments and understanding of my opinions! And you are so right about this statement: "It's not good to fall short of your own standard." It's a shame like you say because of the potential, but again, some of the bags were just terrible. Thank you for commenting!

  4. I am so sorry you did seem to get blah stuff the only box the was sort of worthed was june. I would just stick to bb for now on

    1. Agreed. June was amazing, its a shame I had to wait 5 months for an awesome bag though. Birchbox will always have me, and Cravebox has been fun to, but I have to see what's in future boxes to really tell if it is worth my $$

  5. Are you regretting canceling now that everyone has seen July's sneak peaks it seems it's going to be a really awesome bag? Just curious :)

  6. Are you regretting canceling now that everyone has seen July's sneak peaks it seems it's going to be a really awesome bag? Just curious :)

    1. Not at all!, they have no consistency and I can buy the items I'd actually use.

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