Sunday, July 8, 2012

MyGlam July Sneak Peaks

MyGlam has issued all their Sneak Peeks for the month of July. I have heard people ranting and raving about  about how great this months bag will be, but for me, I'm okay with the fact that I cancelled. I may return, but my money situation is a bit different right now. To see why I cancelled, Click HERE.


#1: Perfect your summer soiree with this colorful case... and your lips will love 1 of these 2 luxurious lip treats.

There have been a lot of lip products since the March Bag. You will receive one or the other. The first looks like a lip stain. That can be good and bad, but I feel they should mix it up up more. The case is absolutely adorable!

#2: These awesome products will keep your skin smooth and safe all summer. I hope you can't wait to see which one of these hydrators will be in your Glam Bag this month! 

Obviously with this hint you will only receive 1 of these items. I have no idea what they are, but last month there was a skin product so again, they need to mix it up a bit more each month. 

#3: It's the season of sea, sand and sun, and we have the perfect product to keep your hair in beautiful condition all summer long. 

Another Hair Product?? Last month we had the Frizz Nourishing Cream, so now there are 3 types of products already that were already sent last month: A lip products, a hair product, and a skin product.

#4: At home, at the beach, or on-the-go, refresh with these handy all-in-ones

Yes To Cucumbers!! I love this brand. I am kind of bummed for cancelling over this product, however they are totally affordable and I have some coupons right now! 

#5: We've collaborated with Andrea's Choice on something super special for summer. Get ready, because the show is about to begin.

 I am very curious to see what this products is. I cannot wait to see glammies show this off. If this bag ends up being amazing, I will be so bummed for cancelling, but I just hate the inconsistency of each months bag! How can I trust a company that does that?

So those are the July Myglam Sneak Peaks. I am glad I am not receiving this bag because of the similar types of products, (LIP, SKIN, HAIR) but there are 5 items this month. That rarely has happened before. They usually stick to the minimum of 4 "deluxe" samples. I am going to wait until September or October. to try this subscription again, if I feel I am missing out. 


  1. I've been contemplating subscribing to this Glam Bag deal. Never made up my mind. It's like I see everyone get cool stuff and then I join and it's a bummer. LOL.

    1. I want to resub at a times, but i just am so unsure now!

  2. Looks like good deal!! :)

    Following you now <3

  3. Great post :) I wonder if the last mystery item is temporary tattoos? Hope you're enjoying your week, so far! Last wkend just flewww by for me. btw, don't be bummed either way, cuz it's not going anywhere ;)

    1. I can't wait to see either! I'll be stalking your blog waiting for the post!

  4. I'm pretty curious to see what the last item will be too. Hopefully I'll get my bag really quick this month since they are only like 40 mins away from me ;)

  5. The last picture is Nail Polish from AndreasChoice's new line called "Circus"

  6. As much as I am Andreaschoice fan, the nail polish formula is very disappointing. It's very streaky, so you didn't miss anything there. The lipstain on the other hand was nice =)


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