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July 2012 Glamour Birchbox

This Month's Box

Many of you fellow subscribers know already that Birchbox has teamed up with Glamour Magazine for the month of July. The theme is "The Senses; See it, Hear it, Taste it, Touch it, Smell it"

I honestly had no idea what to expect because I was not so thrilled with my May Gossip Girl Box. I really feel BB missed the great potential for that box, but this box really blew my mind. Teaming up with Glamour was the right choice!

The colors for this box are all bright summer filled shades of fun. I loved the unboxing because it was uplifting to see the bright blue and green tissue paper and awesome bright pink and green ear buds after a long day of classes and work.

Info Card:
(All prices are via the Birchbox Shop for full sized items)

(Double click to enlarge)

BeautyBlender - The Original Beauty Blender
Retails at $25.95 for a set of two

I've seen subscribers in past month receive these and I have to admit I was curious to see what they are like. I do not wear foundation, but I do wear tinted moisturizer. I'm sure you know that by now if your a regular reader of this blog. I've been wanting to start my quest again for the perfect foundation so this will come in use. I will be trying it out with my tinted moisturizer and I hope its everything it claims to be. (Which ensures smooth, even coverage every time) You can read more on that here.

Harvey Prince Hello

Retails at $55, but can be purchased other shops/sites 
for as low as $22 for smaller packages of course.

This smells absolutely splendid! I honestly cringe at the sight of a perfume in my box, especially as a regular item instead of a Lifestyle Extra, but, this fragrance is so lovely and fresh with just enough classy and girly kick to it. I honestly will be purchasing this sometime. Most likely not through BB because I'd prefer a smaller bottle since I'm living a budget type of lifestyle

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Retails at $38 

This will be my second tinted moisturizer from BB and I'm more than excited. I've had such great luck with the PUR Minerals 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer and I'm excited to try more. I'm particularly excited to try Jouer's because I've read many reviews about it's legitimate dewy finish that it claims to provide. 

Stila Lip Glaze

Retails at $12 for the "It's Go Time Lip Glaze Trio"

I've never actually used a lip glaze, however I'm so ecstatic that this item was in my box because Stila is a well known, quality brand. I've samples other Stila products and absolutely adore the brand. I received the color "Camera" which is a nice darker shade but still comes up with a great balance between shine and color. I like darker tinted colors because of my olive-tan skin. I am planning to but the set because of it's price and I want to use more of my points that I've been collecting.

Tea Forte Minteas
Retails at $9.95 for 3 tins (75 mints)

These mints have the perfect minty, cocoa taste. I really enjoy these. They are in a fun, cute tin and I think really do give you that extra boost. I've been using them at school and work and believe me, I need them! Will I purchase these? Possibly, they are fun to have around. I like Lifestyle Extras like these!

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds
Not for sale at BB, so no price. I have tons of earbuds and 
they range anywhere from $5-$15 for the basic earbuds.

I love these! The color is awesome and just "pops." They sound great  and really block out other noise. I use headphones on a daily as I walk to and from school, and have spare time at school to do work. I love that it came with a card to wrap them around because I often find mine tangled in my bag.

All in all, I am more than satisfied with this month's box! I rate this a 9/10 . I have been using each item! I love the samples sizes for everything but the Jouer Moisture Tint. That sample is honestly so tiny. I know i wont need much to test it out, but I'd like something I could use for at least week. Everything else is a hit. 
This is why I am subbed to Birchbox. I look forward to the August Box. I can't believe in September I will have been subbed for a whole year!In the mean time check out some of my previous boxes:



  1. This birchbox looks amazing - I've been loyal to glossybox, but now it seems I should sign up for this too. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Glossy box looks great but the price is what keeps me back

  2. Awesome review :) I really liked my Minteas, too. I didn't even know they came in a cocoa flavor! I might actually make this my first full-size purchase in 5 months lol. Cash in some of my points. I also had no idea that the beauty blender was that large!! That looks so cool and I'd definitely use one. I've been holding out to receive one, too. I got the cleanser and didn't like it. I use face wash to clean my brushes/sponges. So, def lemme know what you think about it again, later. As far as foundations go, I have tried sooooo many and I always go back to Cover Girl & Olay formulas--best color, finish and staying powder without being drying. It feels like you're not wearing foundation ( I apply it with a wet sponge). My favorite high-end makeup is Clinique's Perfectly Real (light/med coverage) and Clinique's Even Better (Long-wearing coverage. Looks amazing.) You can get free samples of those to play around with. I only buy them when they're doing bonus days sales. Just started wearing them this year. I alternate it with my Cover Girl. I am trying to find that perfume in a store so I can smell it!!! ahhh!! lol. I'm so glad that you loved your box! Keep on, keeping on. You're doing a great job :) ps: those Jouer samples are the smallest tubes of something I've ever held before. They seriously should throw like 5 of them in the box ;)

  3. You got an awesome box! So jealous you got a beauty blender I've been drooling over those for awhile lol and a Hello by Harvey Prince I love their stuff they make fantastic perfume.

    1. i am really enjoying the beauty blender, I MOST LIKELY WILL NOT REPURCHASE. Mainly, because I use my hands for and that and it is not a staple for me. It does work very well and it's so smooth!

  4. I really wanted the beauty blender! How do you like it

    1. It's a great product, but so pricy :( I'll do a review sometime in the future.

  5. yay! love beauty boxes! I'm not subscribed to bb but glossybox! Check out what I got in mine for July! :)

  6. lol is the link.. :)

  7. Woah you got a beauty blender too! What a great box! Totally work the money to spend, huh?
    Overall, would you say you'd rather get the Glambag or the BB? :) I'm debating between them! I've had the Glambag since March and they're getting better so I'm not sure if I should take the switch!


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