Saturday, August 4, 2012

Klout Perk Alert: Essie Mirror Metallics

 Klout has released another Perk from Essie. This polish will be from the Mirror Metallics line. All the colors would be something I can wear.

I did notice that at the bottom of this photo it says only 873 left! Get your hands on this fast.

If you have a score 45 or higher with any of the topic listed below in the "high" range, you will be eligible for this perk.

Keep in mind, you may not get a "notification" for this perk. I did not and I still am receiving this perk because I clicked the arrow under my name, clicked "Perks", then clicked the orange "Claim This Perk" button and then clicked the orange "I'm In" button.

or you can use this link:

I will not receive anything for anyone who uses this link. I just love to share a good freebie!

Here you can see what colors are included in this collection. You will not find out what color you will receive until you receive it. SURPRISE!

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  1. Ive been meaning to get my hands on this! For a while I was over 45 (45.25), but needed a medium score in the nail polish topic. Now I have a medium score but my klout score dropped to 44.75. LAAAMMMEE. :(


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