Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer BBQ Cravebox (July 2012)

Summer BBQ Cravebox:

Info Cards:
I love that Cravebox shows the twitter handle and FB fan page link. I love following brands I use.
I linked each content title with the brands website for those of you interested.

The BIC Flame Disk seems like a superb idea for virtually anyone. My hunny and I rarely ever have the time to grill so this product makes it that much easier. The price is affordable as well. 

I am a tea fanatic and am so lucky because I have received so many different brands of tea from all the boxes, or freebies sites I subscribe to. This tea came with a coupon which is not pictured because I already used it. I liked this tea enough to purchase it. 

The flavor is great because it has the perfect balance between the green tea taste, citrus notes, and organic flavoring. It is quite refreshing and has an amazing aroma that filled my kitchen.

I've never heard of this brands before. I love discovering new products and brands and that is why I love any subscription service. These cute and classy appetizer plates will be used very soon. They are absolutely adorable and perfect for that special party. Unfortunately, I can only order more online because they physical stores in which they are sold are only in larger towns/cities. Luckily Amazon is only a click away.

These Bic Lighters are always a staple in my house. I use them all the time. Lately I haven't a BIC lighter, but the cheaper kind from the Dollar General and let me tell you, it makes a difference. I love that this coupon is for a *FREE* full sized multi-purpose lighter. Walmart here I come!

I can't say I'm a total fan of these. Not because of the brand of itself, but because I do not like powdered drinks. They rarely turn out right for me and leave a not so desirable after taste. The flavor for this lemonade is better than most. I like that this brand offers many flavors and has natural sugars. I'm always trying to take in less sugar.

I rate this box a 10/10. Cravebox stuck to the BBQ theme perfectly. I will use the contents of this box entirely and am so satisfied with this month's box. I look forward to the August Cravebox.

I will not get points or referral bonuses for those of you who click this link. This is the Cravebox Sign Up Page and is not a unique link

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