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A Taste of the Tropics Cravebox (June 2012)

Yesterday I received my Cravebox just in time for their Twitter Party! Even though I cheated and looked at people's pictures on twitter and their blogs, I am still super excited to have this as an addition to my subscription services. I was very hesitant to sign up because of mixed reviews, but I chose to do so anyway because there was more good than bad. 

If you've never heard of Cravebox, I will explain. It's a Subscription Service for a flat fee of $10/month. The Cravebox expert Curators handpick 4-5 items for each months box. This box is more of a lifetsyle box, as it can include anything from snack, household items, or beauty samples. Did I say Samples? Most of these products are full size products form what I've seen around the web and experienced myself. Click HERE for the Cravebox "About" page

Like most subscription services, Cravebox has a theme every month. The Theme for this month is "A Taste of the Tropics." I really do appreciate that Cravebox has included items that truly do pertain to it's theme. Some subscription services have had themes, but I've honestly wondered how certain items pertained to it. I really enjoy that Cravebox has put so much thought into this box.

In normal subscription service fashion, there is an insert/card with a description of each item and the theme for this month. (Click to enlarge)

The first product I pulled out of the box was the Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Body Scrub:

So as you can see the product is HUGE! It is 18 US OZ. The smell is absolutely divine. It is the perfect ration of coconut and lime. The consistency is very thick, but it still has mobility. From the reviews I read online, this product lasts a very long time. 

The next item I pulled out was the Lipton Tea & Honey To Go Packets:

The flavor is Mango Pineapple. This To go Packet came with a $0.50 off coupon for a box of the To Go Packets. I am already familiar with this product because I received ten of these from Klout. (Exact sample with the coupon and all!) I do like this tea, so it's perfect because I shared a few with my mother and coworkers.

The Tea comes in several different appealing flavors, and only has 5 calories. also, it is made with real fruit and obviously honey. 

Next up is the Sunsweet Plum Amazins:

I received two 1 Ounce packets of the diced dried plums. I don't think I've had a plum before, so this was a very new experience for me, especially since this was in a raisin form. Oh how I love raisins! This honestly tasted like a normal raisin  and that's perfect by me. 

I also received a packet with a coupon for a future purchase and 4 recipes using the Dried Plums. I would love to try those recipes and review them future post maybe? They seem like they would be fabulous in a salad and yogurt! The card also says suggest oatmeal and cereal. 

Also in the Cravebox is the Skintersection Intense Repair Cream:

This product is a full size product as well. This repair cream is for relief of cracked/dry skin. This is perfect for my at home pedicure regimen. My boyfriend will love it too because when it's a pedi I go all out and give him a pedi as well! His heel are so rough which doesn't make fun for cuddling all the time but this be a lifesaver for us!

Last but not least we have the Guylian Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells:

These are world famous gourmet chocolate creations. They are so beautifully sculptured and perfect four our "Taste of the Tropics" theme. Unfortunately they are all gone, but what a great excuse to buy more. My boyfriend even liked them and he is not a sweats type of guy.

The chocoloates had a nice filling. It was a chocolate filling but it was very soft and tasted so great! I noticed from the info packet included, there is a line of dark chocolates as well, for those dark chocolate lovers!

 So that was very first Cravebox. I rate this box a 10/10. I am super satisfied with each item and the size of the items. Cravebox has stuck to their theme and really caught my attention. The Box was a big box with tons of pretty confetti, and tissue paper, so the packaging was a fun treat also. Yes, I am staying subcribed, so look out for more posts regarding my future Cravings! 

If you're interested in receiving Craveboxes of your own go to 

Also, You can find Cravebox on twitter : @Cravebox using the hashtag #Cravebox

Cravebox has tons of Twitter Party's where they give out prizes every ten minutes! Be sure to get on the e-mail list to be notified of these happenings. 

They've be known to give out more Cravebox's and gift baskets. I am solid proof of this! Last night I won a Tree Hut Gift Basket! I cannot wait to received that!

So now that you've seem what a Cravebox is like, what do you think? Are you going to sub?



  1. Pretty interesting stuff in this box I'd say! I'm not so interested in the food stuffs (the chocolate looks yummy for sure tho) but the sugar scrub and lotion. Great sizes too I'd say it's worth the money as well. Grats on winning the gift basket too that's really nice that they do that.

    1. I can enderstand that, I like it because Im trying new products. I've seen people get NYX producta before. The sizes are what really get me! It's amazing. And those twitter party's too. You do not have to be subscribed to take part in those!

  2. That does sound like a pretty good deal for $10 - I might sign up!!! Or ask for it for my birthday!

    1. It's the best service I'm subbed to!! Put it on your wish list!! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love your blog!! Great review! I am on the waiting list. Can't wait to sign up!

    1. Thank you! I needed to hear that because I've been hating it lately!

  4. so yummy and awesome goodies you have received!!!


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