Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sircle Samples: How it Works & How to Join

I have seen so many bloggers around the web receiving FREE samples from a place called Sircle Samples. Sircle Samples is still in Beta, so they are still working on a few glitches and perfections. This Program is free to join, but there is a waiting list. I finally received my invite last night! My wait wasn't very long. I think a month at the most. I can't say it would be that long/short for anybody else because I do not know how they send the invites. You can sign up for your invite by clicking HERE. I just had to share this great community all of you!

Here is how Sircle Samples Works:

Sircle Samples is in collaboration with many Brands such As:

As you can see form the photo above, EVERYTHING you do while logged into your account will earn you Sircle Coins (Oc). You can save up your Oc to "buy" beauty products. 

You will need to fill out Beauty profile which asks questions about your hair, skin, makeup use and products you are interested in. This will help determine products for you to sample.

Most Sample Products come with Promo codes to help purchase the full size item if you liked the product.

When you have been invited to create an account you will see tabs for different function of Sircle Samples:

The Sample Shop will show you available samples for you to purchase with your Oc:
Here is what is available to me when I collect enough Oc:
These aren't too shabby for just signing up. Obviously as I do more surveys and reviews more samples will be available to me.

The My Make Up Bag tab is a great feature. Once you tell Sircle Samples your favorite products they will help you get deals on those items! Also, you can see they are working on a mobile app that will have a scanning feature to make this process much simpler.

The Whishlist Tab allows users to suggest products for sampling. Suggesting Products earn you Oc

Your Beauty Profile will earn you 1,000 Oc once completed. You want to fill this out not only for the Oc, but also for determining what products are available to you for sampling. These are just a few of the basic questions you must answer.

The Friends Tab allows users to invite friends and receive Oc for every friend who joins using the email, or personal link for sign up. Inviting your friends is not only great for Oc, but for sharing. Who wants to keep a cool program all for themselves. Sircle Samples will be a great community with more and more people, why not have some of those people be your friends?

The Surveys Tab is great for earning more Oc. I'll be sure to check this frequently.

The Offers Tab is where will find more the offers from Samples you have received. I have not received any sampling yet since I just got my invite last night, but there still seems to be an offer for me!

The Account Tab is where you will access your shipping info, email and password, and privacy settings. You will also your account activity and balance here as well. You can also link your Facebook and Twitter which is a great way for others to find you. 
My thoughts about Sircle Samples are obviously great! I joined because it seems to be legit. I've seen a lot of users receive really cool products and for free! Who can can complain? I'm more than excited to get my account going!

Now that you've seen a breakdown of what Sircle Samples is will you be joining? If so request your invite with my personal referral link HERE.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for posts of my samplings!



  1. Really great post! I used your link and requested an invite. Can't wait to try this out. Congrats on your acceptance :)

  2. I'll sign up hope it wont be as addicting as klout tho... lol

    1. Let's hope not! I keep tellin you of these web sites and were both not going to have normal lives!!

  3. Oh wow this sounds really awesome! I'm a member of so many PAID beauty sample sites... and this one seems more tailored to your needs and it's free :) Will check it out!

    1. You took my thought right out of my head! Yes its totally free! And so many people use it! I hope you enjoy check back with me later and let me know! Thanks hun!

  4. OMG! I signed up for this :) I also ordered my first glossy box!!! Cant wait to get it and POST pics/review!

    Love your blog! I nominated you back for the versatile blogger award! Check it out lol



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