Sunday, June 10, 2012

Five Below Mini Haul

Five Below is a relatively NEW store that has been opening locations all over the upper east coast and other states such as (but not limited to) Illinois, Georgia, the Carolina's, etc. Everything Five Below sells, retails in price from $1-$5.

So, as you can see Five Below has a crazy arrangement of items they sell. They have sunglasses, tons of over sized candy, toys, clothing, crafts, etc.

The store I went to is located in Pennsylvania, since that is where I am located. I live in a very small town and have to travel an hour away just to shop at target. When I go on shopping trips, I make sure I hit up any store possible because I never know what they have. My sister lives in the town this Five Below is located and she's told me quite a few great things about it.

I totally underestimated this store. Walking in they play newer music, and there are TONS of colors around. The store is so bright and colorful. My boyfriend had a blast at this store. They really have something for everyone. They sell Monster Energy Drinks, Cookbooks, Graphic T's, etc.

I hit the Jackpot at this store. They had bins full of cosmetics including brands such as Almay, and Maybelline, and an 8x8 table display with T's and Nail Polish. They had Sally Hansen polishes and many other bright colored brands I've never had before. Granted some of these brands can be lower end, it was still fun to look around. I know my nieces would love it regardless.

I found a bin full of Wet n Wild products including eye shadows, eyeliners, blush, makeup remover, and so much more.

I picked up 3 Wet n Wild  Color Icon Eyeliner Pencils. There were tons of colors and they were all priced at  $0.49! I only picked up three. I'm sure your thinking why only 3? That's because most did not have seals or lids on them, Many were damaged but there a few gems in there. I picked up a white, brown and black pencil (be sure to click on the pictures for larger views:

These Color Icon Pencils are NOT tested on animals. Yay! They have a really nice fine tip and they are very smooth and creamy. These really do glide on nice and easy still maintaining control. Smudging should be fairly easy. 

I chose black, white and brown, because they are staples to my everyday makeup looks. I wear black and brown on my lids and white on my bottom waterline because it makes my eye appear more wide and open.

I give these pencils 2 Thumbs for my initial impression, we will have to see if the color lasts all day on my lids. If they don't I only spent 49 cents on each pencil. These pencil normally run from .99 cents-$3.

The next item I purchased was the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Brown Ash:

My initial thoughts on this Brow Kit are looking good! I've never even heard of this kit before. I like that this kit includes a mirror on the bottom and two shades to really get a great match on you brows. Also, the brush really isn't bad. It is really tiny, but the bristles are nice and stiff. The tweezers really lack quality but what can you expect for such a small pair. Playing around with it, it seems to d the job, and good job at that. 

I purchased this for $1.99. This normally retails for around $4. This kit comes in Ash Brown & Dark Brown. I think this kit will work great for me but only time and use will tell. I did Google it a bit and most reviews seem very positive.

Next I saw tons of imitation perfumes. I can be a sucker for these because I hate paying $60+ for a perfume. Sometimes I do pay for the original version because the quality is obviously better.

I came across Five Below's version of Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

Theirs is called "Wonderful." After having tested Wonderstruck through my April Birchbox, I fell in love with it. I can honestly say it smells almost exactly like Wonderstruck. 

I purchased this 3.4 Fl Oz bottle of Wonderful for $5. I couldn't pass it up. Sure it's not the real thing, but it sure makes me feel pretty and that's all that matters. I'm on a tight budget. I work a job barely over minimum wage and I am in college. So if this is where I pinch, I'm okay with that.

The packaging is very similar to Wonderstruck a you can see here:

The last item I purchased was a wrist wallet/cell phone holder. I've been wanting something like this for a long time. I don't like carrying purses all the time, especially when shopping all day. This is perfect for me because it fits my iPhone perfectly along with my license, debit cards, and cash. It makes less carrying and more comfortability shopping.

All together I spent $13.21 at Five Below. 

I'm pretty impressed with this store and look forward to future trips to Five Below. If you'd like to visit their website click HERE and for store location click HERE. Five Below has over 200 locations and are building more!

What do you think of my purchases? Have you tried any of these products?

Is Five Below a store you'd shop at?


  1. Great finds! I use the same eyebrow kit, but I've never heard of this store.

    1. I guess tons of people use it! Happy to be on the bandwagon!

  2. I've heard about this place before they seem to carry some pretty cool stuff. What a score on the wet and wild stuff.

    1. This store is AMAZING! there was much I'd like to try!

  3. Great post & great deals! I'd def shop there!! It's too far from me, so they need to come this way :) I like wonderstruck, too. Happy for your budget haulin--gotta keep it real. I'm a Marshalls/Ross-o-holic... Love bargains :)

    1. I love Marshall's/Ross/TJ MAXX. I stopped there too and got tons of cute stuff super cheap! Love it!

  4. Oh wow what a great haul! There's no 5 below in Manhattan :( May have to stop by in Jersey

    1. It would totally be worth your time! You never what they can carry! So much fun and trendy stuff! If you stop by let me know what you think!

  5. I wish I had one of those near me!! Great stuff!

    1. Suggest it to them! I did via twitter. They responded as well! I have to travel at least an hour to get to one, along with target, and any other store besides Sear and Bonton

  6. I work at Rfive Below and would like to add that not only are they great for and towards consumers, but as employers, they are simply amazing!! Nice, caring, work with me and my college schedule veryyy well. Just today, the head honchos in my district bought everybody $27 worth of dinner. Who doesn't love shopping where employers treat employees nicely??
    Now, to the products... holy guacamole. I try really hard not to blow my paycheck there! From candy I haven't had in years to makeup for cheap to zombie t-shirts for my whole family to a French cookbook I recently picked up, there is so much!! I love shopping there, buying phone cases, presents for the kids in my life (and adults, too!), even dog toys.
    We also work with getting donations for St. Jude's Children's. Research Hospital, which is wonderful. We don't take any of the proceeds, either. 100% goes to helping the kids.
    I really really love Five Below and that's not something you hear many employees saying about their company.


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