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How To Earn Sircle Coins on Sircle Samples

This is yet again another post on Sircle Samples. I know I've been posting a lot about them lately but they have a lot going on and it's all free! If you missed my original post about what Sircle Samples is and how it works click HERE for that.

So as you know Sircle Samples is still in Beta so if you're patient good things will come. I've been racking up a lot of Sircle Coins lately because of of my lovely blog/twitter friends and readers! Thank you so much!! This post is dedicated on how to earn Sircle Coins. Just yesterday I ordered my first Sircle Samples, so I wanted to share with everyone how to maximize your coin earnings So here we go:

I just noticed this chart on the Sircle Samples site when I was logged in ordering my Samples. This chart explains every way possible to earn Sircle Coins:

So as you can see you earn 500 coins when you register and 50 for uploading a picture. After this you want to complete your beauty profile to earn your 1,000 coins. This can only be earned once. I think this is fair because people would abuse the privilege and that would ruin for those who do not.

Referring friends earns you 100 Sircle Coins per invite. This is absolutely fabulous because I have had 22 people join using my link which accumulated 2,200 coins! Thank you again ladies! You can also send invites  to a friends email adress. Referrals seem to be the best way to earning coins because the program speaks for itself. Who wouldn't join? 

Your personal referral link can be accessed once you're in the "Friends" tab. I suggest you post this EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE. Sure it can be quite spammy but just explain to people how awesome Sircle Samples is. I've only shared Sircle Samples on my blog then shared the blog post link on twitter for my lovelies to read and you can see how that paid off.

Another way to earn coins in through the daily surveys. The surveys take about 3 minutes so why not earn those coins?! At the end of the month you could potentially have anywhere from 280-300 which can earn at least one Sircle Sample.

Writing a product review for the items you sampled will earn you 100 coins. You can review any product under the sun, but it will not earn you any Sircle Coins. Once you have ordered a sample, you will see a prompt to Review your sample under the "MakeUp Bag" Tab,

Adding items to your Makeup Bag and Wishlist will earn 10 Sircle Coins, but only up to 10 times a month. That is an easy 200 coins combined at the end of the month. 

Sharing Product Reviews on on your Twitter and Facebook accounts will earn 10 coins for each site (10 Coins for Twitter and 10 for FB) as well as sharing Product Purchases on your each account. *HINT* - Under the "Account" Tab you will have a box on the left hand side titled "Privacy Settings." In the box you can check the Facebook and Twitter Boxes to automatically post reviews to those sites.

Rating a product peview will also earn you 10 Sircle Coins and is limited at 10 x a month. Here is another 100 Sircle Coins per month.

Lastly, earning badges earns you 50 coins. I am not sure how to earn badges because I have not seen anything when logged into Sircle Samples on how to earn these badges. I did however notice in my points history that I earned two badges but there is no explanation as to what badge I earned or how exactly to earn it. 

Now that you have the skinny on how to earn Sircle Coins you should be ready to do all this when you're invite comes. I really hopes this helps and explains fully so you don;t miss out on those coins.

Like I said I ordered my first samples yesterday. These are the items I ordered:

I decided to try each sample because they were all that was offered and I figured why not? The Sircle Swag Limited Edition Makeup Bag is a bit costly, but seems worth it. I was on YouTube and a fellow member ordered this, and I must say it is awesome! I'm so stoked and anxious to receive these. Be on the look out for my future posts on my first Sircle Samples.

Also, before I go, I must tell you since Sircle Samples is still in beta and they really want your feedback so don't hesitate to shoot them an email or two.

If you're wondering when you'll receive your invite, no worries, it will be coming. They only have a certain amount of openings each month so its is a bit slow. You can read more on that HERE.

If you still need an invite feel free use my link as it will earn my coins. Please and Thank you! 

Thank you for reading!

xoxo, mattabellax3

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