Tuesday, June 5, 2012

UPDATE: June MyGlam Bag Sneak Peaks

The June MyGlam Bag Sneak Peaks are finally out. If you don't know what MyGlam is, it's another subscriptions service where you pay a flat fee of $10/month for deluxe size beauty samples. MyGlam is a bit different because each month they package everything into a small cosmetics bag/pouch. Each month via their Twitter and Facebook they post  "sneak peak" photos of the products that will be included in the current months bag. These are the sneak peaks for June 2012 MyGlam Bag.

Sneak Peak #1

Check out the hand art Glam Girl Meghan created at last weeks HQ brainstorm using a few of the fabulous items from our June Glam Bag. Time to get excited!

This had close to 300 Likes and over 130 comments on Facebook. Many people have guessed NYX products, eyeliner, lip liner, shadow, bronzer, so the guessing is endless. It is also very difficult to guess what brand of product is being used, especially because of the filter being used by Instagram. (They always take the photos for the sneak peak with Instagram) 
My guess is eyeliner, lipstick, and shadow. What Brands? I haven't the faintest idea. This makes it more than any other month because in the past, the took a picture of the front of the product and slightly blurred it out, making it quite easy to guess. This gives more suspense in my opinion.

Sneak Peak #2

Crossing the line between brushes and pencils...

With close to 400 Facebook Likes and over 150 comments, many people have been guessing felt tip eyeliners, NYX Eye Markers, lip stains. My guess is an eyeliner, and not a lip product simply because last month's bag contained  the Studio Gear Lipstick. At this point, you never know with MyGlam so we will seen in about a week or two.

Sneak Peak #3

You and your skin will breathe easy with this wonderful new addition.

Over 100 Likes and Comments posted, this product has been guessed to be face primer by brands such as Philosophy or Smashbox, tinted moisturizer, or moisturizer in general. From the comments I read, the packaging is almost exact t that of the  Philosophy Take a Deep Breath, or the Oxygen Boost Moisturizer.

My guess would be the Philosophy Take A Deep Breath only because of the photo caption! I really don't like the idea of yet another skincare products because most of the previous bags contained skincare products. However, this sample is already larger than the small foil sized packets of moisturizer I received in other bags. 

Sneak Peak #4

Wear-resistant, smudge-free, and a jaw-dropping variety.

The comments on Facebook are still going for this one, but from what I've read so far, this is hands down NYX Lipstick. I just don't like the idea of Lipstick in the bags unless it's some universal perfect color for anyone.

LAST SNEAK PEEK: Our fourth and final product for June... We're out to prove that great hair everyday is easy!

With 230 plus Likes on FB this is guessed to be a multitude of brands for conditioner and shampoo. I personally think it is a styling product. Some people have guessed this to be a small deluxe size bottle but a lot of controversial points are at hand; MyGlam has notoriously posted Sneak Peak photos of deluxe size sample and sent foil packets. Therefore, I will just have to wait to see what and how bi/small this is before I judge.

So those are the Sneak Peaks for June and I have to say this bag might the one. Unfortunately I've spent six months with MyGlam to find that out. I am Unsubscribing and if it does hit the spot in the future I will get on the waiting list again.

What do you think of MyGlam? Are these Sneak Peaks worth it?


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