Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit VS.The ELF Essential Eyebrow Collection

I have tried many shadows and slanted eyeliner brushes from an array of brands and had trouble making my brows completely and utterly stellar. I've used pencils and had worse luck with those. Either the colors did not match or my skills were less than ideal,  I completely gave up testing products for my brows. 

My brows were thin from over plucking and having them threaded. I would try to let them grow in but couldn't do it because it looked so awful. After some lengthy research I came upon a site with products for growing your eyebrows back. After reading the reviews I decided not to take part in that. The side effects were horrible. That lead me to search at home remedies for growing brows. I finally came across something I already had in cupboards: olive oil. Many people have claimed that olive oil grew their brows back so quickly and their brows became thick and full better than before so I could not help but try it for myself. 

Every night before bed I would use my fingertips to apply olive oil to brows then sleep the night away. After about a month to a month and a half, my brows were back. They did come back thicker and darker in some spots than before I ever started plucking them. Although those spots were full and darker, I still had some problems areas that looked so thin and bare. I believe I ruined the follicles there so there was nothing I could do. I began looking around cosmetics sites and YouTube-ing brow kits once again. I decided to give the ELF Essential Eyebrow Collection a try.

The ELF Essential Eyebrow Collection which includes a nice amount of brow items to achieve the "perfect" brows. I no longer have any of the items in this kit because I have either used it until there was none left or I simply threw parts away so here is a picture of the kit so you can see what is included. ( I hate posting pictures that are not my own, but I simply have to because all these items are literally gone)

This kit is retailing for a flat $5.00

Collection Includes:
  • 4 Reusable Stencils
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow Brush
  • Brow Setting Mascara
  • Eyebrow Gel & Powder


  • Begin by using the tweezers to pull any unwanted stray hairs.
  • Choose the stencil that best fits your natural eyebrow shape.
  • The stencil should align closely to the beginning and end of your brow 
  • and much of your natural brow hair should be inside the stencil cutout.
  • Use the same stencil for both eyebrows; simply flip to fill in your other brow when ready.
  • Fill in the Stencil brow by blending the Brush with the Eyebrow Gel to help define and shape your arch for smooth precise lines.
  • Set the color in with the Eyebrow powder by brushing onto brow with the Brush for a natural finished look.
  • Lastly, apply the Eyebrow

  • I bought this kit with tons of other items, but this is what I was looking most forward to . Unfortunately this just wasn't for me. I can honestly say I gave this a try for about 3 months and finally let the thought of this working, go. 

    Review of each item and the kit as a whole:
    Stencils: These were so difficult to place perfectly on each brow without them being uneven. I know people say your brows should be sisters and not twins, but using these stencils did not even make them look like they were in the same family. Even looking back, it was silly to think stencils would work because when you are filling in your brows, you should stay as close to the shape that they already are for a natural look. If you want dramatic brows then I would believe these would help master that look, if you could get them to stay in place without one brow being higher/lower than the other.

    Tweezers: These tweezers were good for assistance when applying false lashes, but not actually tweezing you're brows. They are slightly small and could not grip the hairs. Besides, I stopped plucking my brows once they all grew in because there were not any strays around.

    Eyebrow Brush: This brush was labeled as a concealer brush and I found that quite odd because the description lists it as an eyebrow brush. I did YouTube the kit to see if other people's brushes were a concealer brush and they were. The brush is not angled obviously, since is a concealer brush, so i figured it would be harder to apply the powder and gel but it wasn't. The brush was easy to use and I like that it was a long and not a travel size, like the tweezers. I find it easier to apply the shadows with a longer brush because the colors don't seems to look so harsh as they would with a smaller sized brush. The brush was not a miss for me.

    Brow Setting Mascara: This product really did what it was supposed to do: make you're brows stay in place. It did tame them and shape them. It also made the colors long lasting. I tried the powder and gel with and without this mascara and it does make a difference using this. It truly does last longer. All day almost!

    Eyebrow Gel and Powder: The gel did shape and define my brows, as it is intended to do. It also went on with a slight hint of color and made the powder stick. I did not like that it made the powder look clumpy. It sure did stick, but in tons of small collections rather than smoothly and all over the brow.
    The powder did not match my brows. The color was to light and made me look silly. There were no other colors to choose from although there is a drop down menu on the website, there is only one option which is disappointing because one color cannot be universal for everyone. 

    As whole I like that this kit is affordable for anyone a budget and easy to order. It can be found online or easily Target. Sadly, those are the only aspects I like about this kit.

    I would rate this kit a 2/10 simply because there are too many reasons why it did not work for me. I would honestly not recommend this kit to anyone. Sorry ELF! I love plenty of other products you have available!

    Now we are moving onto the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

    This kit retails anywhere from $1.99-$5.00 depending where it is purchased. 

    (Click on the pictures to enlarge)


    I purchased this kit at Five Below for $1.99. I purchased this with a few other items. You can view that mini haul HERE.

    The Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kits come in two colors: in Ash Brown & Dark Brown. 

    This kit comes with:  
    Clear Gel
    Brow Brush
    Slide Out Mirror
    2 powder colors, one dark and light

    The Clear Gel: I do not use the gel and haven't tried yet. I just don't like gels anymore so If you like gels I am sorry I cannot inform if this is great or not.

    Tweezers: Lacking quality as the ELF tweezers do, but they are great for applying false lashes.

    Brow Brush: This is a very stiff brush and very small. It fits in my palm but it is not easy to use for applying the shadows. I was not expecting much with the brush because typically smaller brushes do not work for me. I like applying the shadows with a longer medium-full size brush because it easier to create light wispy strokes.

    Slid Out Mirror: This mirror is actually useful especially if you are in a car or wanting to do a touch up when you are out and about.

    Powders: The lighter color seems to work perfect for me! It stays on without the gel, and is not too light. It blends evenly and perfectly, matching my brow color. It is long lasting, and does wipe off easily. The darker color is a bit harsh but with some blending with the light color it can make my brows look amazing specifically on the tails of my brows where more definition and color is needed, as those are more sparse areas of my brows. These powders alone or together do not leave a reddish tone as the ELF kit did for me so that is another major plus.

    Before & After when using this Brow Kit:

    In this pic (before) you can see the gaps where the hair is sparse, 
    which is why I need to use a brow kit.

    In the after pic, you can see how the gaps are filled in and seem to match my natural 
    brows.As you can see, I do not have a dramatic look. I just want a natural looking brow 
    that doesn't draw too much attention, but frames my face well.

    I like that this kit is affordable and easily found at local drugstores. It is also lightweight and portable. The mirror is useful also. I do not like the cheap tweezers or brush, but that is not anything to really complain about because this kit is so ridiculously cheap I didn't expect wonders from those two items to begin with.

    All in all, this kit is perfect for me. It is now my holy grail for eyebrow kits. I have never seen or heard of this kit until purchasing it at Five Below, but after some Googling, it seems to be a universal product for pretty much everyone!

    I rate this product a 9/10, 1 point loss for the tweezers and brush. Even thought I'm not totally upset about those items, I'm rating this kit as a whole. Those items might mean something to someone else and for the quality being low, the products did lose one point for that. 

    I would suggest this kit to anyone who is looking for their perfect brow kit, or looking for a more affordable alternative.

    I apologize for the lengthy review. I just wanted to give background on my hunt for the perfect kit, and why it was so important for me. I am so thrilled to have finally found one that is absolutely perfect for me. Wet n Wild has won me over!

    Thanks for reading! 

    Be sure to let me know what you think of these kits. What products do you use for your brows?


    1. Awesome post! I haven't tried these two kits out, but I have the Anastasia and Revlon kits. Anastasia was good but very expensive, the Revlon was fantastic and affordable! I want to try the new Sigma one coming out and a cheapie Essence one I saw, so many products so little time!

      1. I'm going to look into those! Especially the Revlon. I just can't afford the pricy kits :( I'm on a tight budget these days! Thank you for your comment!!

    2. Great post! I am always on the hunt for great brow products so I'll have to scope these out :)


    3. Great post! Very informative, maybe add some pictures?

      1. I am going to add the photos of my brows before and after but every pic I took turned out weird.

    4. Fantastic review!!! I love longer reviews, and I love that you reviewed each item individually :)

      1. Thank you. I haven't done many reviews so that is a great compliment!! I wanted to review each aspect so the readers can decide if it is something for them or not.

    5. LOL @ "they didn't even look like they were in the same family" when you used the stencils your too funny!

      I've over plucked my brows too and it has taken forever to get them even a bit thicker. I'll have to look for this wet n wild kit over the weekend I could use a better brow product :)

      1. Try using the Olive oil to grow them back in as fast as possible! It really does work!

    6. great review!!
      I loved the length of it...very informative!
      I'm interested in trying the wet n wild now...I'm always looking for great brow products!!


      1. I HIGHLY SUGGEST you try it for a quality cheaper alternative than most. It's perfect for that natural look! and thank you!

    7. Thanks for the review! I've been wanting the two faced kit but this seems much more affordable !


      1. I've been wanting to try tons of different kits that I would be more than happy to have but of course, responsibility calls!! The Milani kit is sold at CVS, may try that next!

      2. I love milani eye shadow! Let us know if you try it :)

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    9. Hello! Following! Looking forward to reading more! Would appreciate the follow back!
      Have a great weekend!!! :)


    10. You know a lady that threaded my brows told me that mustard oil works amazingly! I bought a bottle but have yet to try it, just FYI ;)

      1. Never even heard of it! I may have to try that after some googling. Thank you! Much appreciated!


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