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June 2012 Birchbox

Birchbox has been good to me this month. After seeing the Sneak Peaks video, I knew right off the bat I wanted Self-Tanning Towellettes and theBalm's Staniac. I even wanted a Tili Bag! I knew my chances were slim, but what do you know? I got those exact items with other goodies that I know I will enjoy. 

The Theme this month is "Jet Set." The products for this month make traveling easy and your beauty long lasting. Look at the cute design on the inside of the shell:

Description Cards:
(Click to enlarge if you're interested in reading them)

 How cute. Birchbox has really went their theme this month, using the card as "post card" look and their logo for the postage stamp.

Lets Get down to business:
Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive Towelettes

$14.99 for the 8 pack. I received two towelettes. 

I'm really interested in this product and plan to use it this weekend. I noticed that 1 towelette can be used for the face and body. It's always fantastic to have that sun kissed look without the harmful effect of the sun or the bulbs.

"One towelette should be enough to cover your whole face and body, though you can use two if necessary. Run the towelette over your bare skin, taking care to avoid your delicate eye area. Wash your palms and nails carefully afterwards, and wait at least ten minutes before showering or getting dressed. The results will appear in about three hours. To maintain your tan, reapply every three to four days." Read more HERE

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick - BlackEyeko Fat Eye Stick - Old GoldEyeko Fat Eye Stick - Petrol Blue

Black, Old Gold, Petrol Blue. 

$15.00 for the Full Size: 0.14 oz. I received the full size :)

As you can see I received the black and it really is rich and creamy in color, perfect for smudging. I'm not sure I would like the other colors so I'm really happy that I received black.

"Each creamy stick contains endless possibilities. Apply along your lashline and smudge out past the outer corners of your eyes for winged effects. Shade your lids and blend with your fingers to wear as a shadow, or dab a bit around the inner corners of your eyes for a discreet pop of color. For long-lasting pigments, use an eye primer". Read more HERE

Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 (Normal to Oily)

I am super picky when it comes to moisturizer so I'm leery about this one. One way I look at it, is how am I ever going to know if works for me or doesn't. I'm totally willing to try this out. Let's hope for a great outcome. The price is reasonable. I used to buy the Mary Kay moisturizer which was $6 more and lasted forever. 

$44.00 for the Full Size: 50 ml I received 5mL

Use Likewise every day as your morning moisturizer and SPF. Reapply every two to three hours if you’re going to be outside between noon-3 p.m., when rays are strongest. Step that up to every 40-60 minutes if you plan to swim or work up a sweat. Read more HERE

theBalm Cosmetics Staniac in Beauty Queen:

theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac - Prom Queen theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac - Homecoming Queen theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac - Beauty Queen
Beauty Queen, Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen. 

$15.00 for the Full Size: 0.14 oz I received .04 oz

I received Beauty Queen. Simply testing this out, it seems okay. I've never used a lip stain so this will be fun. You can build it up or wear it as sheer color. I really want to try it on my cheeks. Once it dries on the lips, the color does stay.

"The handy wand makes applying this stain a breeze. Swipe onto your lips as you would a regular lip gloss. To use as a cheek stain, smile and dab two or three dots onto the apples of your cheeks. Gently blend the pigment into your cheeks using small circular motions." Read more HERE

Lifestyle Extras: tili Bags

$8.49 for 12 quart size bags. I received 1 bag.

I know after receiving this I will never purchase these. They are just like zip lock bags but with some extra pep. I just imagined these to be sturdier. I will use this bag, but I know it wont last long. Especially not in a purse. I will probably use it for my lady products in my bathroom.

"Fill your tili bag with your travel accessories or other belongings. Take it with you before you head out on your next adventure". Read more HERE

Birchbox Man Extra: John Varvatos USA

$55.00 for a Full Size: 1.7 oz. 

The bf and I both love this, but not enough for him to subscribe. I would imagine the women's box to be more expensive but we females are high maintenance. Strangely enough the guy's version is $20/mo.

"Men can’t go wrong with a spritz behind each ear at the end of their grooming routine.This handsome cologne makes the perfect gift for a lucky gentleman." Read more HERE

I rate this box a 10/10. Everything in this box will be used and the sample sizes are a step up from previous months. The prices for these products are reasonable especially since you can earn Birchbox Points to redeem products.

If you're interested in seeing previous months, click the links below:

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Thanks for reading! What do you think about my box? Would you rate it 10/10?


  1. I'm going to try the towelettes in a few hours I hope I don't turn into an oompa loompa! ;) I like your box I wish I would have gotten the tili bags to try, I so didn't like that Luna bar they sent me.

    1. The Luna bar didn't even sound good. I know the Lfestyle Extras are simply "extras" but i want more makeup.

  2. This is a really great post!! I loved the outer box design. I was thinking that they're competing with GlossyBox with that print, but it *does* go with the Jet Set theme :) Your tili bag is really pretty--love the design :) I wouldn't buy them, either, but I like the one I got, too :)

    1. I will check your out. I'm using it for random samples. That design was cute!

  3. I also got a full size of the pencil:) It a bronze color . I am loving the lipstian

    1. The bronze looked pretty but I don't know If it would work for me bc my experience with those colors is that they do not show up on me cause of my tan skin.

  4. I like your box. I would have liked the eye pencil but I did get the Staniac and love it!

  5. Replies
    1. It really wasn't bad. My bf loved that cologne I got another sample for him through sephora.


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