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Birchbox: December, January & February


December 2011 Birchbox
Products Included:
Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink
Showstoppers® Designer Fashion Tape in Nude/Black
Benefit The POREfessional

 Prodigieuse® OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer

Atelier Cologne Ambre Nue Cologne Absolue
EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster

Birchbox gave me 100 extra points this month because they were slightly late! Thank you Birchbox!!
So I tried the Benefit POREfessional minimizing creme and I kind of like it. it soft and really does minimize my pores. I used it on my nose because that area is obvious on me, I got about 5-6 uses so I was happy with this item. I also tried the Jouer lip gloss and I love that the color was Birchbox pink. I think this color can be used on ANYONE. You can wear it as a pretty pale shimmery pink or build it up for that sexy hot pink. 

I rate this box 8/10. I still have to try the other products, but I'm just happy I have NEW products to try!


LÄRABAR Mini Bars - Coconut Cream Pie
The only product I’ve tried before from this box us the LARABAR Mini Bar in Chocolate Chip Dough. I had the pleasure of testing that through Influenster’s VoxBox Program. I’m excited to try another flavor because I thoroghly enjoyed the bar I tried. LARABAR Mini Bars are made with all natural ingredients, meaning they are super healthy!! YAY.
The product I’m most excited to try is the Stila Smudge Stick Liner. I’ve played around with since the moment I saw it, and I’m almost positive this will become a staple. Its so soft, and seems as if it would be long lasting. Only time will tell.
Viva La Juicy smells AMAZING! I’ve never owned or tried any Juicy Couture product so this was a nice suprise. It’s very girly and kind of has a lively feel to it.
The Jouer Body Butter has a delightful, natural smell. I took a dab and put it on my hand, and it has the feel of sunscreen. :/ But I’m not totally throwing this one out. I want to give it a chance because I may end up enjoying this product.

After trying: Stila Smudge Stick is AWESOME! It brings out my brown eyes and looks great with my dark hair and olive/tan skin! The Larabar was alright, I'm not a big coconut fan but it wasn't too bad. I really want to try more flavors. And of course, I have yet to try the other products. I really take my Birchbox for granted and never seem to find time for the skin products. I really prefer cosmetics over skin care items.

I rate this box 4/10 The only item I guess I really enjoyed was the Stila Smudge Stick. I use this about 3 times week. 


BLK DNM Perfume 11 - Remind of pine needles or the woods. It’s a spicy scent. In my opinion, it’s not for me.
Exude Lip Creme - Very minty smelling. I received the color CORAL. Leaves lips moisturized and soft after it wears off.
Eye Rock Designer Liner - stick on liner strips for one times use. I received 4 different styles. I cant wait to try!
La Fresh - Nail Polisher Remover. Tuscan orange scent. This item I can go without.
Lifestyle Extras:

Heart Shape Nail File

Digital Download of the GREEN RIVER ORDINANCE, who are an Indie Rock Band from Texas. I do love me some great Indie Tunes so this bonus is awesome for me.

At first glance, my favorite item is the EYE ROCK liner, and my least favorite is the La Fresh Nail Polish Remover. That is, until I try the products!

So After trying, I LOVE the LA Fresh nail polish remover! It smelled great! I love a citrus smell and it was very soothing to my toenails. I have yet to download the GRO tracks, so I really need to get on that if there is still time. The Exude Lip Creme is nourishing and the color is very nice on my lips, and goes well with my skintone. I haven;t used the nail file. It's basically junk so I was bummed with that item. I'm waiting to use the EYE ROCK  liner for a special evening out. I'm weird i know :)

I rate this box 10/10. I really enjoyed the items I did try and look forward to trying the other items I haven't tried yet. This box was great for a first look!

My Experiences with Birchbox

So I've subscribed to Birchbox since August 2011. I read about in my monthly Cosmopolitan and signed up right away. I really enjoy getting my box each month. Its a nice surprise and there's always new products for me to try. Some months aren't as great but that's expected. You can't like everything. I will continue my membership as always and look forward to future boxes. My goal (for the April box) is to try EVERYTHING before the month is over. I tend to collect the items instead of actually using them all. SO here's to the future months ahead with Birchbox.

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