Monday, April 23, 2012

Brand Challenges Prizes from Influenster

As promised, my Brand Challenge prizes have both came in! Influenster promised that I would receive special prizes for unlocking the XOut Breakout badge and the Broadway Nails badge. 

In case you are living under rock and unfamiliar with Influenster, I will explain.

Influenster is a community for trendsetters like myself, to explore new brands. Once you make an account you start "unlocking" lifestyle brands by filling out a few questionnaires. Once you have done so, Influenster will send out what they a "VoxBox" filled with random goodies for you to review and promote via social media. Influenster decide who gets a VoxBox based on the lifestyle badges that you have unlocked.
Once you receive your VoxBox, you simply start testing the products. You must  login to your Influenster account and check your VoxBox in so they know you have recieved and are testing it.

After testing these products, you can choose to unlock each Brand Challenge. And now your wondering what is this Brand Challenge I am speaking of?? Well, the Brand Challenge is for each item in the VoxBox. In order to "unlock" each, you must follow certain steps and each is different. Most require to follow the brand on social networks, write on their Facebook wall, post pictures, and most importantly review the item individually via blogging or YouTube. 
Once you have completed and unlocked each brand challenge youre good to go! Some Brand Challenges offer free prizes to every Influenster who unlocks the badge, and some offer prizes to the lucky few. So when reveiwing each item, make sure you give it some extra creativity and spunk.

After you have taken part in everything mentioned above, Influenster will post a survey on your account to fill out. Surveys are mandatory. It lets them know what you thought about each product, and must be completed in order for you to receive another VoxBox.
And before i forget to mention, In between all the testing and reviewing, Influenster will have a twitter party for you to connect with them and other Influensters. i enjoy this because i get to meet other Influensters and see what they had to say.
So with that being said, here are the items I received for unlocking the Brand Challenges from the Holiday VoxBox:

Xout Breakout:

I will say I was promised the Shine Control but instead received a Cleansing Body Bar. I'm, not upset by this because I got to try the Shine Control from my February MyGlam bag. I really like that product by the way! This gives me another opportunity to try more from this brand! The bar has a soft texture with some sort of exfoliator and it has a nice fresh scent.  

Broadway Nails:

I recieved (as promised) 2 imPress Press on Manicures, (1 solid, 1 design) plus another Kiss Nail Dress Kit. 

All in All, Im very satisfied with these items! and It was a pleasure working so hard to receive them. 

Have you tried any of the products? If you're an Influenster, have you received your brand challenge? 

If your not already signed up for Influenster do so HERE


  1. How long after you completed your brand challenges did you get the prizes, lol I'm curious.

  2. I'm a new member at Influenster and was wondering after you receive the brand badge challenge. How long does it take for them to send out the brand prizes.

    Thanks for the tips


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