Monday, April 9, 2012

Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Diamond Eye Liner

I just recently bought the Glimmersticks Diamond Eye Liner from Avon. I bought these myself and everything I’m writing is my honest opinion only.
Info about the GLIMMERSTICKS:
  • Regular price is $7.00 (I purchased mine on sale 3/$9.99)
  • There are 8 different shades including Golden Diamond, FlashyCopper, Sparkling Silver, Brown Glow, Sugar Plum, Emerald Glow, Twilight Sparkle,  & Black Ice.
  • Retractable
  • Self-sharpening (<— My favorite aspect!)
  • .01 oz net 
  • Ingredients are listed on the Avon website.
My Thoughts on the GLIMMERSTICKS Diamond Eye Liner:
  • Super soft, and VERY easy to apply. I mean super easy! This is a really simple and affordable liner to try for someone who is learning to master the technique of eye liner.
  • I really like the colors I purchased. They look great on me. (Olive to tan skin)
  • With primer, the eye liner has lasted ALL day on my lid. And it comes off easily at night with make-up remover.
  • For me, the sparkle amount is perfect because I’m not one to walk around like Lady Gaga. 
  • The glitter does not fall.
  • The eye liner does not smear.
Overall, I will continue to use and purchase the GLIMMERSTICKS Diamond Eyeliner.  Below are pictures to see the the actual stick and colors.
Colors from top to bottom:
  • Golden Diamond G501
  • Emerald Glow G71
  • Twilight Sparkle G42
  • Flashy Copper G102
  • Sugar Plum G111
  • Black Ice G07 

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  1. I LOVE glimmersticks and totally agree with your review! I wish I had gotten the copper though- that color is too pretty. I got these for a while back for super cheap, so I stocked up on a bunch! But I see the colors are better this time around, so I guess I'll just get some more. Thanks for the wonderful review!


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