Sunday, May 20, 2012

Long, Strong, Beautiful, Hair

Ever since I was child, my hair has been so precious to me. My Mexican decent has played a major factor as to why I have such nice hair. It always been very easy to grow and tons of people have always commented on my mane, asking me questions like "What shampoo do you use?" or "Do you have extensions?" I've always used drugstore shampoos and never really spent a lot of money on products for it. However during the last my hair has slightly been thinning and it scares me. I now have a hair regimen and will try anything to keep it thick, long and strong like it used to be. I have some speculations as to why my hair has bean doing this other than aging (I'm only 22, but it isn't uncommon to develop hair loss at this age) but that is for another post. I am going to give some tips on how maintain strong and healthy hair.

First off, I just recently had 4 inches trimmed from hair to guarantee less split ends. I will admit I hadn't had a trim for about a year prior to this.


You can see here that my shortest layer is blow my shoulders, and about mid back. You can also how unhealthy the ends look. They look very thin, especially for the longest layer. The shape of hair has morphed into a "V" and that is always a warning sign for me to get a trim.


After the cut, I still retained the length and style. Yes boring, but I'm not much of risk taker when it comes to my hair. You can see my shortest length is just below the shoulders and now the shape has been evenly snipped. It is a bit wavy but this from the morning after because it was a busy weekend.

Tips for Growing Strong Hair:
  • Always get regular trims!  Regularly hair cuts are so important because long hair is old, and that means your hair is in a more fragile state. Regular trims prevent breakage and split ends. Longer hair should be trimmed every 8-10 weeks, and shorter hair about every 6 weeks.  

  • Change your shampoos occasionally. Hair can build a tolerance when using the same shapmoo/conditioner.

  • Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair. Remember to be very gentle when doing so because hair is very weak when it's wet. 

  • Remember to shower with warm water only, because hot water can dry and irritate your scalp.

  • Brittle hair needs to be nourished from within. Use a delicate moisturizing shampoo which will wash without too much rubbing.

  • Massaging your scalp regularly can stimulate oil production, which will help reduce the dryness of your hair. Especially when shampooing because it breaks up the oils on your scalp.

  • Before using heat on your hair, make sure you always use some sort of heat protectant. 

  • When you blowdrying, keep the blow dryer at least 6 inches away from your headconstantly moving it so you don't overheat your hair.

  • When possible, give your hair a rest. Go natural and leave off the styling products. 

  • Zinc can help prevent hair loss by building hair protein. Good sources of zinc include meat and seafood.

  • Vitamin E can make your hair shine. Good sources of vitamin E include: brown rice, nuts, wheat germ, and leafy green vegetables.

  • Eat enough protein (fish, meat, milk, cheese) for stronger and healthier hair.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Water helps keep your hair silky and shiny.

These tips are obviously no secret, but they are often overlooked and forgotten. This is just a simple reminder to get you on the right path for a better mane.

As you can see, lifestyle plays a major factor for building strong hair. Taking care of yourself overall will promote healthy hair growth and make you feel much better about yourself

If you have any special tips not mentioned above feel free to share them with me. I'm always reading about ways to maintain beautiful strong locks.

xoxo mattabellax3


  1. Your hair is so pretty! I've also noticed that as I've gotten older (not that I'm all that old, 23 here) my hair isn't as thick as it used to be. I'll have to try out some of these. Myself I use coconut oil on my hair twice a month to keep it moisturized and shiny it makes a big difference.

    1. Thank you. I've never tried any oil, although I do have an argan oil from Birchbox I want to try now that my hair is trimmed. I have tried and avoids mask and and did notice differences, like shine and fullness. Even texture. I just need to do more with my hair and take advantage of it while it's in it's prime lol.

    2. Yes definitely! I have the healthy sexy hair oil I love it works fabulous on dry ends.

  2. Your hair is lovely-my hair isn't in great condition at the moment so I will have to try some of these out :) thanks for sharing.

    Tanesha x

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