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BzzCampaign: Gucci Flora Garden Collection

My Gucci Flora Bzzkit has finally arrived! I've been anxiously waiting for a few weeks now and I definitely wasn't expecting this package yesterday, so that made it quite the surprise! First off I will say that I am a BzzAgent, and I received these products as part of the Word-of-Mouth Gucci Flora BzzCampaign offered through BzzAgent. If you are unfamiliar with BzzAgent, you can learn about them here. 

Keep in mind when reading this post, that this is my FIRST BzzCampaign.

This is everything included in the BzzKit.  


An insert describing The Flora Garden Collection
A booklet with moist towelette samples and descriptions of each scent
An small envelope with and insert card saying: Flora By Gucci.
A .16 FL OZ sample of each scent for myself. (Not a spray bottle)
3 small vials of each scent to share with 3 important women in my life.

About the Flora Garden Collection

The Flora Garden Collection is the newest set of fragrances from Gucci. The set includes 3 beautiful scents. 
 Italicized descriptions come from the materials included, or

Each perfume explores a different bloom and with it a different facet of the Flora Garden Woman. Each fragrance is distinct, yet together they embody the beauty and allure that stirs within. 
  • Gorgeous Gardenia (pink) - An elegant, sensual celebration of the shrub's first blossom and sumptuous full bloom.
  • Gracious Tuberose (green) - A Classical homage to the flower's innocent nature and luscious petals.
  • Glamorous Magnolia (turquoise) -  A relevant homage to the flower's radiant freshness and smooth, velvety petals.

These bottles are the .16 FL OZ samples for myself. I am surprised and very satisfied with the size of sample provided.

These are the smaller sample cards with the vial included. These samples are for me to share with 3 important women in my life. This couldn't have worked out more perfectly because I can share with my mother, and two sisters. I'm sure they will be thrilled.

Gorgeous Gardenia

Gracious Tuberose

Glamorous Magnolia


 So now that you've seen what was included in the BzzKit, you really need to know about the packaging. As, you can see from the very first picture shown above, everything was packaged so elegantly. As soon as I opened the box, there was such an amazing aroma filling my dining room. I was so careful to touch everything. I honestly felt so special to receive these items.

The theme of this box is obviously a garden look. Gucci has done a great job completing that. Even the box that everything came in is adorable. The tissue paper wrapping everything has the nice outlined flower design as well. I know packaging isn't everything, but it really shows that extra care has been taken when packaging. 

 Here is a nice picture of the box. The outside of the box has the same outlined flower design as on the side. This box will be getting reused! The box itself is VERY sturdy and large enough to fit more than what was placed inside.

All in All, I really enjoyed receiving this BzzKit in the mail. I love perfumes. I really have no preference as to whether the fragrance is a high end fine fragrance, or one from Bath & Body Works. I just like having a nice collection. This is really a nice addition to that. I love, and yes i do mean LOVE, each scent provided in this collection. Gracious Tuberose has to be my favorite at the moment. Notice I say "at the moment." That's because I have a collection of over 30 fragrances, and I still don't have a favorite. They all have different meanings for me. Ex: Day, night, casual, not casual.

I have only one complaint about the contents of this BzzKit, When I receive sample cards of fragrance, or any sample really, I hate when there is no spray top. The samples here are all the kind you must dab on yourself. The reason for this is because, in the past, I've spilled the perfume on my clothes. Not only did it stain my clothing, but the fragrance was gone. I personally think it is much easier to apply if it the spray kind. Other than that, I really am so thrilled to have been selected for this Campaign. Thank you BzzAgent!!

Also, before I end, did you know that out of all our senses, our sense of smell is the one that brings back memories the most? I can honestly say I've experienced this. When I was 4 years old, my father had passed away. I went to live with my grandmother and she has a basket of his unwashed clothing. I picked an item up and I could smell his cologne on it. It really made me remember him. I've always had that memory. I've read a lot about our sense of smell and I just think it's so cool to have smell bring back memories form certain time periods in our lives. Have you experienced this?

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I received in my first and hopefully not last BzzCampaign.


  1. This is amazing! By the way I'm your newest follower :)

    xo from NYC---Chelise

    P.S. I'm currently hosting an amazing giveaway over on my blog. Included is a Hello Kitty 5 pc Brush Set. So be sure to stop by =]

    1. Thank you so much for following! That really means a lot! I'm so new to all of this. I will definitely check out your giveaway that sounds good! And yes it was amazing to receive these items

  2. Packing and presentation adds a lot of value for me. I feel like it can make all the difference sometimes!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. And totally agreed. I hate when packaging is so boring. It makes the whole experience a bit more fun.

  3. I did Bzzagent for awhile but they only kept offering me car type stuff so after about 6 months I gave it up lol. This is quite awesome Gucci makes amazing perfumes. I haven't had the chance to smell any of these but the gold flora has been a weakness of mine for awhile I just can't bring myself to spend $60 for the tee tiny bottle. I'm so with you on the spray cap thing I love perfume samples but only if they have they spray top. I always end up getting more than I need from the little stopper ones and they sure do make a mess!

    It's crazy how scents can bring back such strong memories. My grandmother used to have this scented lipstick and every time I buy one I find myself smelling them *weird I know lol* just to see if it was like hers. Most of the time they don't but once in a while I'll come across one that reminds me of hers.

    1. This is my first campaign. I'm more than just excited. I was offered a campaign before this and it was for auto related items also, I declined. I hope to received more BzzKits because it has taken me a loooong time just to get this one.

      This collection is magnificent, but the price really isn't.My mom was iffy about the price as well. I love all three fragrances, but the Glamorous Magnolia does have a baby scent to it. I think it's just me because My bf said it didn't smell like that to him.

      And it's not really weird that you smell lipsticks lol under the circumstances. I wear perfume i used to wear in high school and it reminds me of my first job, school dances, school in general. It's so nostalgic!

      Thank you so much for your input!! You're the first to comment about the memories that smell can bring :)


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