Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spoiler Alert! Spring Beauty VoxBox from Influenster

Okay, I know the joy of receiving a VoxBox from Influenster is not only that it's 100% FREE, but that you have no idea whats inside that white box until your mailman drops it off on your doorstep.

If you do not want know what's in your Spring Beauty VoxBox until it's delivered, I HIGHLY suggest you quit reading! But if you're like me, MUST find out now, then keep reading...

Earlier on twitter someone "checked in" their VoxBox via their Influenster account and tweeted it. I could not resist, so I clicked the link and checked it out. Ive never thought of doing that, but here it is!

The only item pictured but not listed is the Dr. Scholls Inserts for Her. I hope it is a featured item because I'd love to try them out as I'm on my feet all day at work.

I do not regret "spoiling" my Spring Beauty VoxBox because it's one thing to see the picture, and another to un-box each of these goodies!

What do you think of these items? Are you recieving a Spring Beauty VoxBox?


  1. I'm so disappointment I didn't qualify for a Spring VoxBox, all the products are awesome and I would have loved to try them out! Can't wait to see your voxbox when you get it!

  2. I'm shocked you didn't qualify! I don't understand!

  3. Well they more coming up so hopefully you will get selected for that!

  4. I always peek at things too the suspense is just too much to bear lol I missed out on this voxbox but I received the Love Box and was quite happy with it!

    1. There were a lot of people not receiving this voxbox. I find it strange cause so many people did so well with the Brand Challenges from previous VoxBox's. I noticed on their twitter they stated that this VoxBox was for newbie's, so I don't know why I was selected. I have yet to receive mine, and it makes me think I am not getting one.


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