Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Klout Perk: Essie 2012 Summer Collection

If you are unfamiliar with Klout or Klout Perks click HERE to learn about it. If you don't, you are truly missing out! :p

I have been selected for 3 perks now, and when I saw I was awarded this particular perk I was stoked! Essie has awarded me this perks which includes their 2012 Summer Collection. Here is what they had to say:

essie 2012 summer collection

Dive into a colorful summer with Klout and essie. Introducing essie’s 2012 summer collection, a myriad of inspiration for this season’s hottest shades. Wherever you may fall on the swimsuit spectrum, there’s a color for it – and it’s invariably essie. Get ready and get gorgeous for summer with essie’s new 2012 summer collection.

In order to be awarded this perk, the Klout Influencer must live in the US, and have a Klout score higher than 45, with high topics of:  NailsNail Polish,BeautyStyleFashion. (You can click any of those topics and be directed to Klout to learn more. 

I was awarded this perk today and should received it within 2-3 weeks. How exciting! The anticipation kills me.

If you are already a Klout user, and want to see if you can claim this perk, do so by clicking HERE.

Are you already on Klout? What kind of perks have you claimed. If you're not on Kout you really need to get there fast! 

xoxo mattabellax3


  1. So first I had to go read your other post about what it actually is very informative! I see a lot of my blog friends doing this and I've thought about heading over. Sometimes I feel like I have too much social media tho I'm not sure I would be able to keep up with it but I might give a try sometime soon!

    1. well thank you! Im glad someone is reading it ;) There really is so much out there and it can be overwhelming!

  2. am new to klout still no perks and super lost but hopefully get something good soon !

    1. Just keep your social networks active! Only link accounts you faithfully use. And give +k so you can get it back In return


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