Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May MyGlam Bag

The May MyGlam bag has finally arrived. The theme this month is "Love is in the Air." This seems more appropriate for Valentines Day which is odd because the bag for Valentines day was nothing related, and no one received their bag before the big day. Very first impression: bummed.  You can see why by continuing to read. 

Here are the cards:
(If the pictures are too small to read just click on the photo to enlarge.)

 I really hate that MyGlam cannot put the prices for the full size items. I find this strange because it seems as if they do not want us to know. Sure I can Google it myself, but what about the items they custom send to us? Like the brushes. Also, I'm kind of confused because we are not told which brush is which. I do not have a big brush collection so for me, this is very unhelpful and tad unprofessional.

Here are my thoughts on each item:

Philosophy Fragrance: Love sweet Love. This is so fruity and flirty just like card says. I do like this very much and I would love to purchase this is in the future. The average price for a full size bottle online seems to be $42 for 2 oz.

Studio Gear Lipstick - Enchanting.  This is the full size product and it retails for $15 at the Studio Gear Cosmetics Website. I'm not a huge lipstick fan but this color really looks nice on me. It is very soft, and it enhances the natural color of my lips so I'm very lucky to have to have received this color. 

Nail Bling: I'm over nail stickers and these remind me of a preteen which is fine cause my niece will love them. I've tried so nail strips many from Incoco, kiss Nail Dress, Jamberry Nails, so I've had my excitement. Polish seems to be way easier. I can't seem to locate the actual brand/vendor online so I cannot say how much a regular retails for, or even if this is a regular size set. Most likely it is, but It makes me wonder what these high end, deluxe size samples really are.

These are the two final brushes to complete our MyGlam Signature Brush Collection. One is a Concealer Brush and the other an Eyeliner Brush. I'm assuming the smaller one is for the eyeliner, but If I'm wrong or not, please comment below and clarify this for me. 

I like the concept of having a new brush collection but I have to say I am relieved for this collection to be completed. onto to bright and better things! I hope :)

So those are the contents of my bag and I rate this months bag 6/10. I am happy to have a collection of brushes and I did have lucks with previous brushes. The perfume is fantastic but again, I hate receiving small sizes. MyGlam advertises for "deluxe size samples" The lipstick seems to be nice and I am going to try it out. Seeing as it retails for $15 I definitely got my money's worth for this bag. The Nail Bling isn't a total loss, my niece will be thrilled. She's a mini diva in the making!

What do you think of May's MyGlam Bag? Have you tried Studio Gear Lipstick or Philosophy Love sweet Love before? Do you think I got my money's worth?

Please be sure to comment, I love learning about my readers!

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  1. I really hope they are done sending us brushes I was over them the minute we got the first one lol I too liked the lipstick and perfume. I already have some Philosophy perfumes so I have a soft spot for them anyway. I'm going to hold out for a little longer with MyGlam mainly because I'm afraid if I cancel I'm going to miss something really good lol

  2. Yeah I cancelled my MyGlam bag after 2 months :/ Wasn't that impressed...

    1. I'm going to cancel after June. I know sounds silly. It really isn't impressive and the way I look at it: Would I purchase these products for $10 at the store? NO.

  3. Glad to see this MyGlam post and the comments below it! I was considering trying MyGlam but I think I'll try a different service instead. I'm currently subscribed to Birchbox and Cravebox - thinking of giving Sample Society or BeautyArmy a try!


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