Friday, May 4, 2012

MyGlam May Sneak Peaks

So as you know, Every month MyGlam sends out four "sneak peaks" of the their new bag every month, via their twitter/facebook. I received the first sneak peak in my email because they sent a reminder to change over to their new payment platform. The Picture was of just the bag. It's blue and has lipstick lip kisses all over it. The first sneak peak on their twitter included the bag and lip stick.

Sneak Peak #1

Sneak Peak #2

After some googling I'm almost 100% certain that this fragrance is "Love Sweet Love" from Philosophy. It retails from $40-$45

Sneak Peak #3:

More brushes to our MyGlam Brush Collection. These two see to be for the lips.

Sneak Peak #4:

These seem to be those stick on nail polish strips. They seem more appropriate for a young tween, and for Valentines Day. The caption under the Photo said "Love is in the Air" I've actually used a lot of nail stickers from Sally Hansen, Kiss, Incoco and Jamberry Nails, and I'm kind of over them.  No complaints on the item, cause my nieces will absolutely love them!

My Thoughts:
I don't know if this months bag is for me, but we will see. I really don't wear lipstick, but I'm open to it. I like the brushes for my collection but again, I don't wear lipstick. It will be nice to have a whole collection of brushes though. I do think this bag is a step up from the February and March bags so that is a major plus.

So what do you think of the May Sneak Peaks? Are you excited to receive your bag? If you're not subscribed are you going to when ubscriptions open up?


  1. I'm actually excited about this months Myglam bag, I had birchbox and cancelled it. I had only received two boxes but was as excited about them as I was to see with other received in their MyGlam bags. May will be my first MyGlam.

  2. I'm always excited! It's so fun to have these services available to us!! Sorry to hear Birchbix didn't work out for you! I'm still subscribed and its deff a roller coaster ride!!


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